Typical AutoStore space saving

To stay ahead in today’s extremely competitive, omni-channel environment, modern logistics operations have to respond to the competing needs of order accuracy, stock variation, storage efficiency and fulfilment speed.

AutoStore emphatically meets those needs. Compared to traditional automated solutions, it allows far greater capacity and storage density, with up to 400% more goods stored in the same space as a conventional warehouse.

Long-term use is proven through extensive professional support and total flexibility. From the analysis and planning stages, to simulation, design, installation and management,

AutoStore offers a complete solution for modern warehouse management.

Space Efficiency

Stop Airhousing.

Future proof

For dynamic businesses
Monitoring at Juncker

Designed to handle high levels of product intake, the working areas cope economically and efficiently with seasonality or increases in product throughput. To expand the system, performance can also be increased by simply adding robots or modules - Without stopping the system.
In what can prove to be a demanding working environment, AutoStore goods-to-person solution maintains employee wellbeing and increases efficiency.

Workstations are designed to provide the utmost accessibility with the minimum of movement.

Green bin content

Reducing the cost of electricity, waste, storage and the ongoing operation is not only good practice, it proves that the green choice is usually the right choice.
AutoStore’s green credentials are unmatched - as efficiencies and energy savings are produced with each  product movement. Zero energy is wasted, lighting and heating  requirements are drastically reduced and the lifespan of an existing building can be dramatically prolonged.
Our individual robots not only recharge themselves at the right time, but regenerative energy functions also return power to their batteries each time they lower a bin or reduce speed.
Product damage and packaging waste is eliminated too, whilst plastic and individual wrapping requirements are greatly decreased.

Green Usage and Cost savings

10 robots use as much energy as a vacuum cleaner

Customized for your needs

No AutoStore installations are alike. 
Inside Tunnel

Each installation is customized to ensure the best performance, specifically for every customer.Whatever your goal - increase capacity; improve efficiency; reduce manual handling; increase flexibility or simply expand your opportunities, AutoStore can provide them all.

Each system is a setup of only five standardized modules. Our system integrator partners work with logistics managers to establish a detailed design and installation plan. Simulations provide real-world data on the performance of the system, whilst future expansion possibilities are also considered.

We understand that reliability is vitally important. AutoStore is already delivering for customers across the globe, and is built to extremely high standards from proven components.

The aluminium framework is robust, yet light. Our trademark robots are strong and agile, each capable of handling up to 30kgs of goods, with the minimum of moving parts. 

Powered by rechargeable batteries, they operate autonomously and deliver excellent efficiency and speed.


99.6% up-time