Utterly sophisticated, brutally efficient

R5 lifting
Driving speed
3.6 m/s
Power usage:
147 kg

Low maintenance, high proficiency.

Meet the staff

Robots are AutoStore’s iconic laborers
Powered by rechargeable batteries and operates autonomously on top of the Grid. Each Robot features a lift that allows it to pick and place Bins in the Grid. The Robots receive their orders wirelessly from the control system, sending them to and from the Ports and ordering them to recharge whenever needed.

Even though AutoStore Robots can be considered specialists for their tasks they are also quite flexible. Not only will they tirelessly pick and deliver goods, they will just as effectively help refill the Grid by delivering empty Bins to the Ports and store new goods in the Grid. No matter what the Robots are working on, you can always rely on them operating with optimal efficiency and speed. When it comes to flexing muscles Robots prove to be both strong and agile: In addition to the 5 kg Bin weight they handle up to 30 kg of goods, and despite being a real powerhouse each Robot uses only 100W, making AutoStore one of the “greenest” warehouse system around.

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