Typical AutoStore space saving

Space Efficiency

Ultra-Density defined
AutoStore is the very definition of space efficiency as it delivers the highest storage density of any ASRS.

With AutoStore you’ll get four times the storage capacity in the same footprint as manual storage, and in many cases double the storage capacity compared to other goods-to-person systems.

With any shape possible, utilization of the building is at its peak.

Several business cases show how AutoStore merges several warehouses while adding capacity.


Worldwide system  average up-time
We know the importance of writing quality code, using durable materials and challenging innovation. Reliability is one of our core values, and we see it as our top priority as an ASRS provider.

Our hundreds of systems in different segments, business climates and cultures show a combined worldwide average uptime of 99.6%. If keeping things running is an art, AutoStore is a master

A central mantra for our modular system is to have no-single-point-of-failure, so no component has the power to create a catastrophe. 

Robots are continuously self-diagnosing and reporting back to an intelligent notification system that preventively notifies if a unit needs care.

For movement exceptions, Robots will autonomously correct itself with our XHandler program. 

Flexible, Dynamic

& Futureproof
One thing is sure: your business will change. That is why we offer the market’s most flexible automated warehouse solution. 
Add robots while the system is operating for higher performance or expand the grid and add more bins for increased warehouse capacity.

Our grids are expandable in all directions. Some of our most successful customers are expanding for the 14th time this year.

Heavy machinery and building reconstruction is not needed for AutoStore construction. As business and demand grows, the AutoStore grid grows with them

Performance is easily predicted in our grid design and simulation tools. Any customer would know what to expect when adding new Robots, additional Grid or Ports.

Build for today - Expand tomorrow.


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Digging it

Natural slotting
The Robot lowers its gripper plate into the stack, grabs the bin with its grippers and lifts it to the grid surface. The gripper plate can be lowered all the way down to the bottom of any stack.

If the Robot needs a bin on level 9, it will dig out eight bins and place them on top of nearby stacks, using the space as a temporary placeholder. When finished, another robot cleans up and puts the bins back in the same order.

After a bin has been presented at the Ports, it will be placed back on the top of a stack of bins. If the bin is popular, it will stay on the top. If the bin is very unpopular, it will eventually be stacked over by more high-running bins and sink to the bottom.

AutoStore gets natural advantages from the Pareto principle where 20% of inventory is 80% of the turnover. A cross-section of an AutoStore system is often the perfect picture of a slotted warehouse with high-runners on top and low-runners at the bottom. But there is no need to think about slotting ever again 
as the system naturally adapts to any changes.

For most of our systems, the robots spend most of their efforts driving and getting bins from the top layers. As orders are prepared 30 minutes before presented at Ports, the operator would never wait or even know if a bin has been retrieved from the bottom.


Energy efficient
Our robots use very little energy. Normal ceiling lights use a lot of power. Our robots don’t need lights and will work during the night. In fact, a system with ten robots will use the same amount of energy as a vacuum cleaner.

Our Robots not only recharge themselves at the right time to avoid excessive charging, but regenerative energy functions also return power to their batteries each time they lower a bin or reduce speed.

Most buildings are made with man in mind. Many of the efforts made are power draining necessities to make it possible for human operations. 

AutoStore has different needs. With more substantial utilization of building footprint; wasteful air cleaning, heating and cooling can be reduced, ceiling lights can be turned off as the robots run in the dark.

Value Adding

Better use of facility and manpower
For a warehouse picker coming from a traditional warehouse background, working an AutoStore Port is much like trying a nail gun after working with a hammer and nails.

The grid is unreachable; its security features will decrease the loss of items. Even higher security can be added with 3rd party encryption, fingerprint scanners or similar.

With efficient procedures at the port, inventory control normally gets to over 99% as extreme precision. Data confidence comes naturally with AutoStore.

The eCommerce Booster

Perfect fit for e-retailers
Global trends show urbanization and expectation of faster delivery grow in parallel. Willingness to pay shipment prices is decreasing while central property prices are increasing. 

To keep up with market trends, online retailers need an ASRS that offers maximum utilization of footprint and human resources, high reliability, and accuracy in delivery. 

AutoStore makes it possible to quickly install a big warehouse in a small, central location, and to build up the system phase-wise as business is growing. Implementation can be as easy as using AutoStore as a refined vending machine, or to tie in AutoStore
as a part of a massive operation.
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