Cube Storage Pioneers

AutoStore was invented out of necessity. In the 1990´s the Hatteland Group
became the largest distributor of electronic components in Northern Europe.
A new large warehouse was built, but shelves were filled to capacity in the first month.
Something had to be done. Instead of building another warehouse to secure business
expansion, Hatteland’s Technical Director Ingvar Hognaland had an epiphany:
Why store things like dominos, when we could store them like a Rubik’s cube?


More air than anything else...

He realized that traditional warehouses store far more air than products in the space between each shelf and above. This is wasteful and expensive in utilities and manpower. He thought of a solution to make goods come to people – instead of people running to fetch stuff on shelves. 

Hognaland´s desire to maximize all available space led to the fundamental design element of the AutoStore Grid. After pioneering the first AutoStore Robot for internal use, The Hatteland Group soon came to realize the products´ global potential. 

The world’s first Cube Storage Automation System was born.

Over 25 years of innovation

Since inception, Hatteland has focused on research and development of new technologies. Solutions that make daily work more accessible, more efficient and reliable. ​With over 25 years of experience, AutoStore has developed a solution with speed, stability, and control in mind. 
The pioneering spirit is an integral part of the company’s DNA as its vision is to continue to invent the future of warehousing.

Now, with hundreds of systems, 
thousands of robots and millions of bins on all continents, AutoStore connects with businesses in a world demanding faster, tighter and no-bull material handling from the Cube Storage Pioneers.
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