Peter Bimmermann becomes Business Development Manager at AutoStore

March 05, 2018
Peter Bimmermann

Peter Bimmermann, 54 years old Business Development Manager at Vanderlande, will join AutoStore as Business Development Manager on March 5th

He will be responsible for the market development of the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and should further promote growth in the region of importance to AutoStore.

„With more than 80 installations already sold in the DACH region, and great prospects for further growth; AutoStore have decided to establish a German office in 2018. To accelerate the expected growth, we are now pleased to announce the establishment of a new position within this very strategic market. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of automation and intralogistics, Mr. Bimmermann is an very important factor for us as Business Development Manager for the further successful expansion of the market that is important for us" says; Frode S. Robberstad, Directors Sales Europe at AutoStore AS

Prior to joining AutoStore, Peter Bimmermann worked for Vanderlande in Mönchengladbach as Business Development Manager for Food Retail and E-Commerce in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

AutoStore is distributed, designed, installed and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators. Our D A CH partners listed below in alphabetical order:


•           AM-Automation [D,A]

•           Dematic [D,A,CH]

•           Element Logic Germany [D]

•           Hörmann Logistik [D]

•           Swisslog[D,A,CH]


Peter Bimmermann, 54 bislang Business Development Manager bei Vanderlande, wechselt am 5. März als Business Development Manager zu AutoStore

Zukünftig verantwortet er die Marktbearbeitung der Märkte in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz und soll das Wachstum in der für AutoStore wichtigen Region weiter voranbringen.

„Mit mehr als 80 verkauften Installationen in der DACH Region und guten Perspektiven für weiteres Wachstum, hat AutoStore beschlossen, 2018 eine deutsche Vertriebsniederlassung zu etablieren. Um das erwartete Wachstum zu beschleunigen, freuen wir uns, eine neue Position in diesem für uns strategisch wichtigen Markt zu etablieren. Mit seiner mehr als 25 jähriger Erfahrung im Bereich der Automation und Intralogistik ist Herr Bimmermann für uns als Business Development Manager ein wichtiger Faktor für den weiteren erfolgreichen Ausbau des für uns wichtigen Marktes“ sagt; Frode S. Robberstad, Director Sales Europe bei AutoStore AS.

Vor seinem Engagement bei AutoStore war Peter Bimmermann bei Vanderlande in Mönchengladbach zuletzt als Business Development Manager für die Bereiche Food Retail und E-Commerce in Deutschland, der Schweiz und Österreich tätig.

AutoStore wird von einem Netzwerk qualifizierter Systemintegratoren vertrieben, entworfen, installiert und gewartet. Unsere D A CH Partner sind in alphabetischer Reihenfolge aufgelistet:


•          AM-Automation [D,A]

•          Dematic [D,A,CH]

•          Element Logic Germany [D]

•          Hörmann Logistik [D]
•          Swisslog[D,A,CH]



About AutoStore

AutoStore is a cube storage automation system. It consists of five standard modules: robot, port or workstation, grid, bin, and controller. The robots drive on the top of the grid to access inventory stored in the bins below. The bins are put-away, retrieved and delivered to the ports or workstations as required. When compared to conventional storage density, AutoStore can store up to 2-3X more inventory in the same space.

The solution can be installed in oddly shaped buildings, around pillars or on several levels and fills out the warehouse space potential to its maximum. The AutoStore infrastructure is independent of the building structure; disassembly and re-location is feasible and cost-effective. AutoStore is an eco-friendly solution. Overall power consumption is low energy. Recovery occurs during bin lowering and robot braking. Ceiling lighting is not needed. It requires less space due to the compact structure.

The AutoStore solution is built around the “goods-to-person” principle. The key benefits of goods-to-person include: eliminate worker travel time to pick locations, picking productivity, omit dedicated pick faces (no slotting, re-slotting, manual replenishment), product security/inventory accuracy, order processing speed, and order accuracy. Furthermore, the worker environment is ideal. AutoStore technology supports a quiet, clean environment with reduced fatigue factors. Workstations are designed for ergonomic operation.



Peter Bimmermann

Business Development Manager D A CH
+49 2161 5739 22

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