R5 - Fifth Generation

Ever since the R1 was born, the iconic silhouette of the AutoStore robot appears as a moving shadow on the grid. Still iconic, but now famous and at its fifth generation with decades of upgrades; this is R5.

A worker to rely on

With a reduced number of moving parts, and with tested and trusted components the R5 is a reliable and work hungry machine that delivers all day - all night. Its sophisticated driving algorithms are played out by hassle-free and straightforward instruments making its movements elegant and refined. Complexity is understood and made smooth, tasks gets delivered wirelessly, but in small packages to avoid signal disruption. One R5 is focused on its responsibilities is without a doubt a specialist in its field. Several R5 Robots working together gives you a world-class team of warehouse workers.

Opportunity charging
Minimum moving parts
Precision driving 
Constant recalibration

One of the Colony

Robots are concentrating on their own tasks while the controller directs their movements.  The controller is continuously calculating the smartest way to work and will sometimes initiate teamwork where the robots dig together. A robot’s task is immediately replaced by another robot if they get called to the service mezzanine. 

Nerve System

The robots are diagnosing themselves every second and will report back with even the slightest of unexpected data from its nerve system. Much like car light indicators, but with a higher degree of sophistication, you are aware of a maintenance issue and can prevent any system stoppage.


R5 Robots will work 24/7 with control systems always making sure the battery is healthy. Tirelessly they have been working all over the world for over 15 years.

Energy Efficient

Robots are continuously assigned tasks and will always get the closest task with the shortest route to save time and energy. With energy efficient motors and regenerating power; AutoStore R5 uses about 
100 W - 1/10 of a toaster.
Technical Specifications
Maximum Payload
Operating Temperatures
Maximum Speed
Dimensions Metric
Dimensions Imperial
Powered by Lead Acid 12V Battery
30 kg / 66 lbs + ~ 5 kg /  11 lbs bin weight
3.1 m / sec = ~11 km/h - 10 ft / sec = ~ 6.8 mph
0.8 m / sec 2 - 2.6 ft / sec 2
W: 700 mm / L: 963 mm / H: 545 mm
W: 2.3 ft / L: 3.2 ft / H: 1.8 ft
148 kg / 326 lbs (incl. batteries – without load)
DC Motors

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