Introducing SwingPort

We have created a new workstation based on user studies and thoughtful
development. The SwingPort is ergonomically adjusted and with new
materials for high durability.

SwingPort was made to be connected to the grid as an additional offering to our workstation portfolio, but firstly to places where the robots do not reach. The SwingPort will typically be linked to the BinLift and thus create a whole new world of bin reachability outside the grid while still being connected to the AutoStore grid with 100% bin accessibility.

New Movement

A new swing movement with two bin buckets is technically balanced
and with reduced complexity for smooth operations. The movement and
technical solution has been refined and tested several million times, both
at AutoStore Labs and at live installations.

Ergonomy and user safety have all been taken into consideration to create the ideal work environment for the user. The bin opening is shielded from the user with a new hatch to provide high safety and noise reduction.

Kerrock top-plate and aluminum furniture is setting the standard for a new era in AutoStore port design. The SwingPort is equipped with a 50g sensitive weight.

Get to the top with BinLift

SwingPort connects perfectly with our previously introduced BinLift.
BinLift is the elevator that connects any grid and vertically extends the bin
reach with up to 16 meters below the grid top. A flexible element to the
modularity of AutoStore. Full inventory access several floors below the
AutoStore grid is now possible.
Safety plate with hatch
Kerrock top
Connected to Bin-Lift
Technical Specifications
Model - Version
Operating/Storage temperature
Operating humidity<br>
Bin Height
Max. Bin throughput
Exchange time
Furniture Material
Furniture size
Furniture height adjustment
Input voltage
Max. current
Power consumption during operation
Input power connector
Noise level
Max. bin load
Weight accuracy
SwingPort - 1.0
EU (World-Wide pending)
AutoStore AS
1606 x 1411 x 1100 mm (width x depth x height)
+2 to +35 °C / -25°C to +55 °C
40% to 90% non-condensing
220mm /330mm
158.5 kg
160 Bins/hour with 8m Bin Lift (15s operator time)
3 s
Aluminium and composite material
1600 x 774 x 905 mm (width x depth x height)
870mm – 1100 mm
100 - 240 V AC
2 A
90 W
C 13
< 70 dB
30 kg (35 kg included weight of bin)
+- 50g
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