Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

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An automated warehouse is essential for building a sustainable business for tomorrow’s demands. Contact AutoStore today to scale your business.

Average uptime of 99.7% and 4x storage capacity. Unlike anything else.

AutoStore is the most efficient, reliable and fastest AS/RS per square foot in the world. Built like a Rubik’s cube, the AutoStore grid allows you to get more fulfillment out of smaller spaces.

Increased demands call for transformation and innovation.

Consumers are online 24/7; conventional warehouses are not. Demands and expectations have changed; supply chains have not. Are you ready to build a 24/7 warehouse with automated processes designed to lower labor costs and stay on top of inventory?

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AutoStore can provide you with up to 4x the storage capacity, an unrivaled system reliability of 99.7% and the fastest AS/RS per square foot in the market. Make more out of your space and get ready to meet tomorrow’s demand with the cube storage pioneer.

Meet tomorrow’s demands and need for speed

Rise to business challenges in today’s hyper-fast environment, and become faster and more agile to survive.

Buying behaviors and high consumer expectations are growing beyond the capabilities of conventional material handling systems, while rising labor costs and human mistakes eat into your bottom line.

Don't risk expensive warehouse downtime. Prepare for the future by implementing a modern AS/RS system.

The ultimate spacemaker

Built after the same principles as a Rubic cube, the AutoStore system provides the competitive edge to manage inventory and meet delivery promises. These are (some of) the benefits:

  • Fastest order fulfillment system per square foot on the market
  • Highest storage density of any AS/RS
  • Increased throughput 10x without hiring
  • A global average uptime of 99.7%
  • 24/7 operations with rich data analytics
  • Significantly lower warehouse operations costs

AutoStore adapts to your business needs and size, empowering you to reach your maximum potential.

How to get AutoStore AS/RS

What are the next steps and how do you get going with our Automated Storage and Retrieval System? It’s simpler than you may think. 

  • We find the best solution for your business and tailor it for your warehouse.
  • You will get a complimentary simulation of your new warehouse with AutoStore AS/RS in place.
  • In collaboration with our partners, we deliver the system and robots for installation.
  • Deployment done within 1 month. 

Let's talk today to see how AutoStore can build resilience in your operations to make you stand out from competitors.

Best on Speed

AutoStore is the fastest order fulfillment system per square foot on the market.

Best on Storage Density

AutoStore has the highest storage density of any AS/RS.

Best on Reliability

AutoStore systems can be quickly scaled up or down without disrupting your ongoing operations.

Best on Flexibility

AutoStore systems can be quickly scaled up or down without disrupting your ongoing operations.

Trusted by Top Brands

Puma Increase Capacity 10x With AutoStore

From the increase in deliveries per hour, to reduced shipping times and the ability to quickly train new staff, the AutoStore system is providing support for PUMA to move into the future.

“Our mantra is ‘Forever Faster’. We're here to be the fastest sports brand in the world,”

- Bob Philon, President and CEO of PUMA North America.

“This AutoStore system is significantly faster. It has allowed us to ship out more e-commerce orders this past November than we have in the history of the account.”

- Melissa Curry, Regional VP of Operations for NFI Cal Cartage

Decathlon reaches order fulfillment of 3 minutes

By placing AutoStore in the store’s back room, Decathlon is able to increase the storage capacity typically found in a store. 

In fact, the solution allows Decathlon to place about 60% more items on display in the store, spend less time straightening, and both serve in-store shoppers and fulfill online orders from the Decathlon website. 

As a result, Decathlon now reaches an in-store order fulfillment of 3 minutes.

“It saves us a lot of time to be able to use the [AutoStore] solution and it has created a really unique shopping experience.” 

- Craig Binch, Decathlon Canada Store Leader.

Siemens save 60% of storage space

Today, Siemens has greatly benefited from the AutoStore installation, which has translated into cost savings, greater efficiencies, optimal usage of storage space, and lower energy usage.

“The advantage of the AutoStore system is the maximum consolidation of the warehouse footprint.” 

- Carsten Sambo, Head of Inbound Logistics, Siemens AG (WKC).

Some accomplishments by Siemens:

  • An up to 40% saving on staffing costs.
  • An increased picking rate of 78%.
  • An almost 60% saving of storage space.
  • 24/7 operations, saving both time and money.
  • Automated flow of materials, resulting in fewer picking errors.

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