Automation is a must.

Read on to learn how crucial automated storage and retrieval solutions (AS/RS) are to top organizations around the world today.

Thinking about automation? Don’t get left behind.

We gathered the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of over 300 senior leaders and decision makers — from CEOs and COOs to order fulfillment and logistics directors — to gauge how they’re approaching the next 12 months. We identified their top 5 focus areas, where automation was one of them.

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88% of respondents either have AS/RS solutions in place or are planning to implement in the next 12 months.

32% of our respondents have AS/RS systems in place already. But in a somewhat surprising result, 56% are making plans to implement them in the next 12 months. That’s 88% of respondents that will have AS/RS by 2024. On top of that, 10% say they are researching the tech. Which leaves only 2% who have no plans to install it at all. That’s a phenomenal uptake.

Meeting the challenge

  • Act now but act smart

It’s crucial to balance speed with a strategic mindset, ensuring you pick a technology that can be implemented quickly, and scale easily, at the same time as lasting for decades to come.

  • Invest in software

AS/RS is one piece of the efficiency puzzle for warehouse operators. But you need a good Warehouse Management System (WMS) to support it.

  • From OpEx to CapEx

Businesses are spending vast sums on OpEx every year through labor costs and keeping old warehouses going - a move from OpEx to CapEx is required.

The expert’s view

"The rapid rise of eCommerce has created a new mindset among customers and introduced a whole new set of logistical challenges for suppliers. Within eCommerce, consumers often have low patience and high expectations. Especially with regards to transparency and accurate delivery of the right product at the right time.

By automating a warehouse, brands can raise the efficiency of their operations so that they can deliver more goods, faster. Automation also has the added benefit of being highly energy-efficient, which is good for running costs as well as for sustainability.”

Sarah Adenau, Business Development Manager eCommerce, AutoStore, DACH

1 in 3
1 in 3
of our respondents have AS/RS systems in place already
> 50%
> 50%
are planning to implement AS/RS in next 12 months
1 in 10
1 in 10
are researching the technology
have no plans to install it at all

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