Driving value with ESG initiatives.

Read on to learn what organizations are saying and doing to address environmental, social, and governance challenges.

How to address ESG and drive value

We've gathered the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of 300+ senior leaders and decision makers — from CEOs and COOs to order fulfillment and logistics directors — to gauge how they’re approaching the next 12 months. We identified their top challenges and priorities - and Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) was one of them.

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Sustainability is the 2nd biggest priority for 2023

In tough financial conditions, it was surprising to see sustainability so highly prioritized, particularly when compared to more operational concerns like supply chain agility (24%) and improving throughput performance (16%). A deeper dive into the data holds some answers. Download the full report to learn more.

Understanding ESG

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments are central to sustainable success.

Why? Because customers, investors and other stakeholders see ESG as being important for future growth.

Our survey found that warehouse and fulfillment executives are paying attention to how they can improve their contribution and how this can have a positive impact on their business.

How are retail companies meeting the ESG challenge?

Two key areas were identified as ways to approach sustainability and drive value:

1) Use legislation positively

2) Build for the long haul

Instead of looking at legislation as a restriction, viewing it as a vital blueprint for action helps companies focus on ESG efforts. Moreover, when organizations look to AS/RS solutions, they need to look at longevity and sustainability, helping them avoid a rip and replace mentality.

of respondents cited sustainability as their priority for 2023
of respondents embarking on ESG initiatives cited reducing waste as a key initiative
of respondents embarking on ESG initiatives cited increasing energy efficiency as a key initiative
of respondents embarking on ESG initiatives cited increasing employee wellbeing and mental health as a key initiative

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This is one of the five key learnings from our benchmark survey, download the full report to read more on Reducing Costs, AS/RS Necessity, Space Utilization and Balancing the Macro & Micro.