Space optimization is critical.

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How to address space optimization

We've gathered the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of 300+ senior leaders and decision makers — from CEOs and COOs to order fulfillment and logistics directors — to gauge how they’re approaching the next 12 months. Space utilization is top of mind!

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Optimizing warehouse space

92% of respondents said space utilization is either extremely important or very important to their organization in the next 12 months.

The past three years has seen a huge volatility in supply chain demand, with container shortages and a variety of unforeseen events. It's not surprising that executives are concerned with space optimization. Space has now become the battleground where warehouse professionals are looking to gain a competitive advantage and improve efficiency.

How can retail companies meet the space challenge?

Three key areas were identified as ways to approach space utilization:

1) Think beyond the warehouse

2) Focus on scenario planning

3) Plan for space utilization

Understanding the whole supply chain is key to optimizing warehouse space. Our survey shows that capacity planning is often reactive rather than proactive. In addition, with social, economic, and environmental disruption becoming more common, warehouse operatives need to start preparing for the unexpected. Lastly, with many businesses moving to population centers where space is at a premium, AS/RS solutions can solve the space challenge.

Market overview: Space vs. reality.

As you can see in this chart from the State of the Market Report, space utilization hasn’t hit critical levels … yet. Only 4% say their warehouse is 95-100% utilized, with 57% at 75% of utilization.

However, this chart doesn’t tell the whole story. There are factors such as measurement, communication, capacity, and capability that are missed or misunderstood.

You need true visibility into the space you have at your disposal in order to optimize.

of warehouse decision makers say space utilization is either ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’ to their organization in 2023
say warehouse space saving or space optimization is a business priority in the next 12 months
say warehouse space saving or space optimization is mission-critical in the next 12 months
say their warehouse is at 95-100% utilized

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