Understanding the Total Economic Impact™ of AutoStore Cube Storage

Unlocking the true potential of your warehouse.

Discover the proven benefits you could achieve by implementing AutoStore, with Forrester's latest research study.

Key findings:

Over three years, a composite organization implementing AutoStore Cube Storage experienced:

  • USD 12.05 million total benefits from increased efficiency & cost savings.
  • 79% return on investment when calculated against total cost of ownership.
  • 18 months' payback of upfront investment.

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About the Study

Forrester is a leading global market research company, supporting business and tech leaders in achieving their growth goals. They offer a range of services, including original research, consulting, and events.

→ We commissioned Forrester to conduct this new study as their total economic impact (TEI™) methodology leverages original, multi-discipline research conducted by an independent third-party.

→ Offers organizations verified financial benchmarks to help them accurately evaluate the potential total cost of ownership (TCO) for the AutoStore system versus potential return on investment (ROI).

→ Leverage the insights as an objective framework for vendor selection and evaluating the value of AutoStore warehouse automation.

Why AutoStore: Real impact; Real results

The final report examines in detail the benefits, flexibility, and risk factors associated with implementing AutoStore

  • In-depth independent interviews conducted with AutoStore customers
  • Independent data collection
  • Detailed qualitative analysis

From the report:

Quantified savings

  • USD 6.0 million savings - warehouse footprint reduction.
  • USD 2.7 million savings - labor costs.
  • USD 2.5 million savings - enhanced picking accuracy.
  • USD 541,846 savings - theft prevention.
  • USD 414,751 efficiency savings - peak season.

Other benefits

  • Improved sustainability - higher energy-efficiency & reduced construction needs.
  • Low maintenance costs - low service & maintenance burden.


Your chance to dig deeper

Available on-demand: We recently hosted special guests Forrester for this webinar.

  • Get extended market insights from the report authors and AutoStore
  • Learn how to apply the study's key findings to your own vendor selection process.