Fortifying Healthcare

Safeguard your supply chain and your customers

These last few years have highlighted the vital importance of healthcare supply chains and their vulnerability.

With AutoStore™, you can make sure those vulnerabilities are protected. It’s designed to help you maximize your space, so you can bring more production onshore. AutoStore also gives you total visibility and control over your supply chain.

With these advantages, you’ll be perfectly positioned to serve clients of every size, and make sure every patient is able to receive exactly what they need as soon as they need it.


Robots Made Simple

With so many options and terms surrounding warehouse automation and robots, it can seem overwhelming. You don't need a PhD to understand everything. We've got you covered in 3 Myths Around Automation. Download this easy-to-read guide to learn the basics about warehouse robotics and how to find the right solution for your business.

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AutoStore has allowed us to continue to increase our cutoff times, expand our product offering in a temperature-controlled environment, and cover our expanding customer base.
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Bill Abington
President of Global Operations, Medline
Business Continuity

Build a resilient supply chain

The peace of mind achieved by bringing more of your production onshore cannot be overstated. An AutoStore system needs far less space than traditional shelving. The warehouse space you regain gives you opportunities to strengthen your supply chain by bringing production onto your sites. Become less reliant on unpredictable international trade routes through greater control of your supply depth.

This means more resilience for your operations, and more reassurance for the patients who count on you. 

MORE onshore production
Equals MORE supply chain confidence
Inventory Control

Elevate your inventory awareness

Missing or mistaken goods are never good news for anybody, but the consequences can be more serious in the healthcare sector. When you automate your warehouses, you gain the advantage of having near real-time visibility of your entire inventory. Gain the certainty of knowing what you have and where it is at all times – and know your customers can get what they need without delay.

Accurate Inventory
Ensures customers always get what they need

Manage every order with ease

Whether it’s a large order or small, every healthcare order is important. With our automated Grid system installed in your warehouses, you can rapidly sort between high- and low-volume goods without compromising your accuracy or efficiency. And the quicker your stock moves, the sooner patients can get what they need.

Faster Service
Without Sacrificing Quality
Case Studies

Transforming Commerce in Every Aspect

AutoStore maximizes warehouse space and business potential. Read about the difference we've made in industries throughout the world.

First AutoStore in the U.S. Still Growing

Healthcare product distributor Medline has expanded 14 times since 2013 in response to demand. And it doesn't seem to be stopping.

Following Through On a Simple Promise

Restaurant supplier Parts Town prided itself on being able to meet same-day delivery requests, but when demands got too heavy they needed AutoStore to keep up.

Making a Jolly Good Time of eCommerce

Children's retailer Jollyroom chose AutoStore to help them meet their customers’ expectation of fast, safe delivery. They haven't looked back and will expand for the third time.

Reeling in the Profits with Automation

Sales have increased by 165% since Japanese fishing tackle retailer Hayabusa installed its AutoStore system. They owe their success to the speed and efficiency of cube storage automation.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands

Healthcare organizations count on us for patient-centric logistics

Find out how we can help you protect your patients’ supply chain.