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Get the most value from every millimetre of existing and new warehouse space. Our ultra-dense storage increases storage capacity up to 4x when compared to manual warehouses. That means significantly less footprint to hold more stock and fulfill more orders than ever before.

Meet rapidly growing demand with highly flexible, incredibly easy-to-scale automated storage that's proven to significantly reduce investment demands for warehouse footprint.

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AutoStore R5 robot in motion. Photo.

Speed and Efficiency

Businesses need to get fast and agile to thrive in an era of 24/7 omnichannel shopping demands. AutoStore, an automated storage and retrieval system, provides the competitive edge to manage inventory and meet delivery promises in today’s hyper-fast environment.

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With a global uptime of 99.7% and mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 3,000 hours, AutoStore is a dependable workhorse giving you 100% access to stock and 24/7 operability — even while undergoing expansion.

How do we create this unrivaled performance? Independently controlled modules and troubleshooting software make system outages rare and addressable without ever shutting down operations.

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Flexibility and Scalability

AutoStore is designed to fit your physical space and unique business needs. The Grid's 17 parts are simple to connect around all types of building layouts and levels.

Easy assembly allows you to quickly increase system capacity during holiday shopping seasons or other periods of heavy demand (In fact, one business has expanded 10 times in 1 year!).

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Product Safety

With over 100 fire tests under our belt and a rigid third-party testing process for all new products, AutoStore goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of our devices.

Find out more about how we work with accredited labs and public safety organizations around the world to thoroughly test and certify Product Safety.


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