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Working at one of the world's most innovative places

Working with iconic robot technology is only one of the reasons people love working at AutoStore. Named one of “Europe’s Top 100 Digital Companies” by Google and the Financial Times, our global reputation is growing fast among folks who want to be part of something special.

Read below to learn more about life at a world-class, technologically driven organization that operates like a family.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

The Numbers Don't Lie

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a system designed to help companies measure employee satisfaction and loyalty within their organizations. In our most recent survey, AutoStore employees gave us a 79, an "Excellent" rating that's right up there with some of the world's top tech companies.

Why? Respondents told us AutoStore is an inclusive and supportive place where it's OK to make the occasional mistake, ask questions, and share new ideas. At AutoStore, innovation isn't some buzz word. Input is expected and people receive support to pursue their own ideas and aspirations.


eNPS Rating

An "Excellent" rating on par with the world's top innovators
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Meet the People of AutoStore

A self-described "nerd" who enjoys tinkering with plastic. A blue-collar mechanic with a passion for electronics. A veteran salesperson looking for a hot new market. Here are team members from very different backgrounds who share one thing in common — they all found a home at AutoStore. Read their stories to find out why, and learn more about how the company's unique culture is a reflection of its headquarters, a rural Norwegian enclave with a quirky reputation in the global marketplace.

It is a very open environment with many good people, and there is always someone to ask if there is something you are wondering about or need help with.
Ida Johanne Tyssebotn
Product, Design & QA Engineer
In the job application I wrote that I could not imagine a job that fit better .... but this position fit perfectly.
Kjartan Kristiansen
System Design Analyst
Every seller's dream is to deliver a product that is hassle-free. It is very fun to work with a system that has an uptime of 99.7%.
Sven Åge Hjorteland
Vice President Sales, APAC
We have a dynamic and culture that may not have arisen in many places other than in the secluded western fjords.
Anette Matre
Chief HR Officer

Advantages of Working at AutoStore

The AutoStore Family

Be part of a strong, positive, and inclusive community. AutoStore employees live by our values every day through a culture sharing, caring, and rooting for each other.

World-Leading Technology

Inventor and pioneer of Cube Storage Automation, the densest order fulfillment solution in existence. AutoStore nourishes new ideas and innovation. We embrace new processes and continuous learning, letting our bright minds unfold.

Lean Organization

AutoStore is a lean company with a flat structure. With responsive and dynamic management and fast and informative decision-making, we strive to give our employees room to grow and adapt as the company evolves.

Global Presence

Our company and family is spread throughout the entire world. We have people and divisions in Norway, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and the USA.

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