High Throughput

Power to deliver.

Give them what they want.
When they want it.

Modern consumers expect everything they want, right at their fingertips, when they make an online purchase. And they want their orders at the doorstep just as quickly. To meet those demands, you need a highly efficient place to maintain inventory and deliver it next-day or same-day.

With AutoStore, you always have what they want, when they want it.

Our cube storage system is engineered to meet the high-throughput demands of modern warehouses, ensuring that your inventory is always robust and moving fast. With AutoStore, you can expect a significant boost in speed, storage density, and accuracy, ensuring that your warehouse isn’t just keeping up but setting the pace in fulfillment performance.

High-efficiency tools

Technology for Max Velocity

Today's AutoStore’s is built for large e-commerce retailers struggling to meet the always-on demands of today’s shoppers.

  • RelayPort™ Handles up to 650 Bins per hour or even higher
  • R5Pro™ Enables uninterrupted, multi-shift operations through its fast -charge capability. Increases Robot productivity by 14% in a multishift environment. With 86% less chargers, frees up floorspace to store goods.
  • FusionPort™ Dual Bin presentations and ergonomic layout drives productivity without sacrificing comfort.
    Sporting goods retailer XXL set a new throughput record with FusionPort. Watch the video.
The very fast throughput in the (AutoStore) system means that we have extended our cutoff for next-day delivery to half past midnight in the UK. No one else that we're aware of offers that service.
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John Gallemore
In terms of business, the cost savings is immense. Our biggest savings was space, followed by staff, followed by energy, followed by stock loss. And then there are less measurable things, like being more accurate with your stock, your customers being able to trust your stock levels better.
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Marc Cohen
Managing Director, Davcor
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We’re focused every morning with getting everything out – so that we can deliver everything to the customer as quickly as possible. Our record right now is 49 seconds from the customer placing the order until the order is ready for distribution.
Portrait of Lars Lindgaard. Photo.
Lars Lindgaard
Chief Operating Officer, Boozt Fashion
Boozt HQ building view from the front. Photo.
Last-minute ordering

Stretch Your Cutoff Times

Shorter cutoff times have become an inevitable part of consumers’ never-ending desire for convenience. With AutoStore, you can cut last-minute order times from hours to minutes.

Even in large e-commerce operations where the standard for completing priority orders is up to two hours, AutoStore Robots take two to five minutes to retrieve items. Rapid processing enables rush orders to move from processing to shipping docks within 15 to 30 minutes, pushing throughput performance to its maximum.

Smart software

Router™: the Fast Track to Efficiency

Why is AutoStore's automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) the world's fastest goods-to-person (GTP) system per square meter? Behind the scenes, Router™ software directs every Robot’s movement throughout the storage Grid, ensuring the quickest path to target destinations.

When a customer places an order, Robots are right on top of it, looking for the easiest route. Working together, Robot teams create a high-throughput operation that fulfills orders quickly and precisely, every time.




Increase in Robot efficiency

A place to store more

A Compact Powerhouse

Imagine quadrupling your storage capacity without expanding your footprint or buying new real estate. AutoStore's modular, cube-based design does just that, fitting into any space with ease.

Unparalleled storage density means you can fit more in less space, making it the smart choice for large, high-speed warehouses that need to keep a lot of stock on premises, at all times.

Reliable and dependable

Always Working

With an average uptime of 99.7% across our high-throughput installations, AutoStore's reliability is unmatched. Unify Analytics™ monitoring software is watching every move, providing a comprehensive overview of your system so you have real-time insights into performance. You always have the power to improve efficiency, accuracy, and ability to meet the exacting standards of your customers.

Learn more about Unify Analytics
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