Product Safety

Testing for the Future

Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.

Safety has always been paramount at AutoStore™. Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees, products, and our systems in automated warehouses is absolutely crucial. Which is why we’ve tested the system and every module since our company began.

Product Safety

Testing for the future.

Product safety is something no business owner can overlook. The regimen of tests we perform covers every potential safety risk associated with operating an automated warehouse as well as the impact of natural disasters on stock and operations.

In our e-book, Testing for the Future: Product Safety, we take a deeper look at the 5 most crucial aspects of product safety (Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Earthquake Safety, Cybersecurity, and Storage Safety). Download your copy today to discover how businesses can protect themselves against potential threats and mishaps.

Fire Safety

Going the Extra Mile

Electrical fires cause over $3 billion in damages to business structures in the United States and Europe every year. At AutoStore, our step-by-step fire testing procedure tackles each part of the system to see the reality of the situation. Since 2009, we have performed over 100 fire tests on various system sizes. Our painstaking testing process involves creating a warehouse environment with a real life setup and replicating the fire’s journey to see how it behaves in the system.

100 Fire Tests

Since 2009
Incident Planning

Prepare and Plan

In a partnership with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), we developed a method for the disassembly of the AutoStore Grid during an unwanted event. The procedure is based on available fire truck equipment together with an AutoStore-developed Bin removal tool. This video contains an explanation of the procedure, tactical considerations, and feedback from participating firefighters.

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Electrical Safety

The AutoStore Difference

As of today, our approval process covers multiple facets of the AutoStore product portfolio in more than 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. For AutoStore, it is imperative that all of our product approvals are tested, accepted, and certified by accredited organizations throughout the world such as UL and Intertek.



Approval Process

User Safety

All AutoStore Ports are equipped with multiple safety features, such as emergency stop buttons, guards, and safety hatches (equipment may vary depending on the Port) to ensure secure operation and prevent crushing injuries. As the ultimate responsibility for safety rests with operators, Ports must only be used as intended by trained personnel. We recommend that all AutoStore users (operators, super users, and service technicians) read their Ports’ operation manuals, familiarize themselves with the equipment’s safety features, and check whether those components are functioning properly before running the systems.

Safety Manuals

Read Before Operating

Third-Party Testing

All AutoStore devices are evaluated and certified by external, independent organizations with strong track records in their respective fields of expertise. Our product approval process covers 19 different areas. Compliance is an essential and core component of our work, which is why we will continue our laser-like focus as new technologies emerge.


Testing Process

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