Flexibility and Scalability

A Modular & Future-Proof Solution

Adapts to Your Business

Thanks to the system’s modularity, AutoStore™ fits anywhere — inside oddly shaped buildings, around pillars, or on several levels. With support from our certified system integration partners, we help you develop a system to meet today’s needs and is ready for tomorrow.

Regardless of your business size, or your operational demands, AutoStore adapts to any business demands, helping you to achieve your maximum potential.

Smart Planning

It Starts With the Design

No two businesses are exactly alike, and no two AutoStore systems look exactly the same. The design process is a must for owners to find the right solution for their unique needs. This is why every system is designed and then fully simulated using our proprietary software to ensure the system will meet demand for today and tomorrow.

We help you understand the terms, calculations, and vendor information that factor into your decision process. Our team molds and shapes the system to fit your space or size and configure the layout to your unique business operations.

Easy Integration

We Fit Your Space

AutoStore integrates with your existing infrastructure. Low ceilings, small square footage, and large pillars aren’t an issue. Components can be molded to fit into any warehouse layout. Our modern software architecture can seamlessly connect to the technologies you use to run your business.


Scale With Confidence

Whether you need two robots, or more than a thousand, you can rest assured that the AutoStore modular design gives you flexibility and allows you to scale with ease and confidence.

Whether you are an existing or new AutoStore customer, you can expand your operations knowing that you will enjoy the same impressive uptime and performance, regardless of the size of your system.

Easy Expansion

Expand With Ease

System expansions can take many shapes, from adding Robots or Ports for higher throughput, to adding more Bins or actual Grid expansions for more storage.

Expansion can happen without shutting down operations. Easy scalability is particularly valuable during the holiday shopping season, when customer demand skyrockets and retailers need to quickly increase capacity. That’s because the AutoStore components are standardized modules that are simple to assemble and easy to connect. With only 17 different parts, construction is a breeze.

Our innovation is at your service

Consumer behavior has changed; supply chains have not. Let's talk today to see how AutoStore can build resilience in your operations and let you stand  out from your competitors.