Automated Warehouse Solution for Third Party Logistics (3PL)

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In the rapidly evolving logistics landscape, 3PL companies face increasing competition and growing client expectations, compounded by the challenges of inflation. In this environment, integrating automated warehouse solutions has shifted from a "nice-to-have" to a "must-have". It's a strategic move to capture emerging opportunities and boost profit margins.

Embracing the AutoStore™ goods-to-person (G2P) system transforms your operations, delivering marked gains in productivity. It allows you to maximize existing labor and space efficiently, reduce costs, and reinforce supply chain dependability.

The result? A refined warehouse operation that lowers the cost per order without sacrificing fulfillment capacity. This operational efficiency not only meets but exceeds client expectations for rapid delivery, granting your company a significant advantage over competitors.


Robots Made Simple

With so many options and terms surrounding warehouse automation and robots, it can seem overwhelming. You don't need a PhD to understand everything. We've got you covered in 3 Myths Around Automation. Download this easy-to-read guide to learn the basics about warehouse robotics and how to find the right solution for your business.

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Thanks to the AutoStore system, we have continuous inventory control and can achieve high efficiency in storage and retrieval, so that customer orders can be processed quickly and reliably. In addition, the logistics solution relieves our employees on-site by shortening walking distances.
Andreas Bicking
VP DHL Fulfillment Network
AutoStore brings us a number of advantages. It increases the efficiency of picking enormously. On the other hand, we can store much more efficiently and compactly, with up to 75% more storage capacity per square meter. We have seen a 35% percent decrease in cost, and we can expand the system easily.
Jeroen Dekker
Managing Partner, Active Ants
One robot can do in one hour the work of one member of our staff. The customer's satisfaction is now guaranteed by our new system.
CLD Distribution
Three main factors led us to choose AutoStore: storage efficiency, labor costs, and accurate order fulfillment.
Francis Kwa
Head of Contract Logistics, Yusen Logistics Singapore
Operational Efficiency

Up your game with automation technology

As the e-commerce sector continues to expand, 3PL providers are under increasing pressure to efficiently manage growing order volumes and navigate capacity constraints.

Quick fixes like hiring more workers are no longer viable due to high labor costs and turnover rates. And ultimately, there’s a limit to manual picking capacity before it affects efficiency and profits. With AutoStore, you can enhance operational efficiency while reducing dependence on hard-to-find labor.

By leveraging AutoStore’s technology, you can significantly reduce order consolidation time, expedite returns and restocking processes, improve order accuracy, and elevate your service level. These enhancements translate to a lower total cost per order (TCO), strengthening your ability to both retain and win more clients.

Pick Accuracy
Ensure reliable and fast order fulfillment and replenishment
Space Savings

Make room for more

The growing variety in inventory coupled with the diminishing availability of warehouse space is escalating costs and demanding more efficient use of existing storage areas.

AutoStore's system addresses this challenge by significantly reducing the space needed, thus unlocking additional areas within your current warehouse. This space optimization allows for a wider range of functions, including serving multiple clients from a single location (multi-client fulfillment).

In effect, you can enhance your revenue per square meter without the need for extra space. This not only offers you a competitive edge in pricing but also accelerates the return on your investment and opens up substantial growth prospects.

More Storage Capacity
- Accommodate a greater range of product variations
- Serve multiple clients under one roof
Unmatched Scalability

Grow with your clients’ business

In today's dynamic market, adopting technology that is both scalable and robust is crucial. AutoStore provides a versatile, standardized solution that effortlessly adjusts to the evolving demands of your clients. This adaptability ensures swift and flexible expansion in terms of size, capacity, and processing speed.

By choosing AutoStore, you support your clients' growth effectively, without sacrificing efficiency or disrupting their ongoing activities. Mitigate the risk of breaching Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and incurring financial penalties due to unforeseen interruptions. Experience unparalleled long-term scalability with AutoStore, and empower your business to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

99.7% Unbeaten Uptime & No Single Point of Failure.
Constant Access to Your Inventory.
Case Studies

Transforming Commerce in Every Aspect

AutoStore™ maximizes warehouse space and business potential. Read about the difference we've made in your industry throughout the world.

Yusen Logistics Boosts Throughput by 1800% with AutoStore

Explore Yusen Logistics' success story: Achieving an 1800% increase in throughput and doubling storage space with AutoStore. See how this global logistics leader reduced labor by 60% and streamlined delivery, setting a new benchmark in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Active Ants Achieves 75% Storage Boost and 35% Cost Reduction with AutoStore

Discover Active Ants' remarkable journey with AutoStore: a staggering 75% increase in storage efficiency and a 35% cut in operating costs. Find out how this dynamic 3PL leader transforms logistics for webshops across Europe, setting new standards in automated warehouse systems and sustainable growth.

Zeek Logistics Excels in Same-Day Delivery with AutoStore: 60% Less Space, Faster Fulfillment

Explore how Zeek Logistics revolutionized it's operations with AutoStore. With 60% better space utilization and swift processing, Zeek handles up to 2,000 orders each day with same-day delivery.

MS Direct Enhances E-Commerce with AutoStore’s Cutting-Edge Warehouse System

MS Direct, a Swiss 3PL provider, elevates fulfillment capabilities with AutoStore. Their system optimized space and enhanced operational efficiency for top-tier logistics performance.

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