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Deliver great experiences
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With an increase in online shopping for every type of purchase, grocery suppliers have enormous opportunities in front of them – along with a new set of problems to solve.

Our automation system helps you overcome these challenges to offer a great online delivery service without compromising your in-store experience.

When you automate operations, you gain full and accurate visibility of your entire stock, allowing you to fulfill online orders with far fewer errors and ensure all your customers are well taken care of – no matter how they shop.


Robots Made Simple

With so many options and terms surrounding warehouse automation and robots, it can seem overwhelming. You don't need a PhD to understand everything. We've got you covered in 3 Myths Around Automation. Download this easy-to-read guide to learn the basics about warehouse robotics and how to find the right solution for your business.

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We are able to pick at about twice the rate of the existing process and with a 99.8% accuracy. The AutoStore technology is simple and elegant. It works really well for us ...
Ant Everett
Head of Engineering & Capacity, Asda Logistics Services
Our customers expect us to ship their products very quickly and reliably. ... With our scalable, automated warehouse, we want to ensure we will always continue to meet these expectations now and, in the future.
Sandra Neuber
CEO, FoodOase
(AutoStore) saves time, increases picking accuracy, and optimizes manpower.
Seah Kian Peng
Former CEO, NTUC FairPrice
Enhanced Customer Service

Give every customer reasons to return

Extending your business to allow for online shopping can quickly translate into an uncomfortably busy shop floor as orders are gathered and prepared for delivery.

By implementing AutoStore™, you reduce the stock storage footprint, the amount of labor, and the store congestion. This allows your in-store customers to continue getting the best attention and service, while seamlessly serving your online customers. And every happy customer is a loyal customer.

Storage Capacity
Improves in-store shopping

Level up without lowering profits

The cost and time involved to get up and running makes many grocery retailers reluctant to fully embrace the possibilities of e-commerce  – especially when you’re working to maintain a high level of in-store service and watching the bottom-line.

Automation cost-effectively raises your efficiency by reducing your labor requirements. It also reduces real estate costs as far less space is needed than a traditional shelved warehouse. All of this adds up to a level of home delivery service you can offer, meeting the needs of every customer while remaining profitable for your business.

<2 yr
Less than 2 years
Brands meet their ROI

Keep on top of your inventory

Conscientious customers appreciate the reassurance of understanding the origins of their purchases. With the enhanced visibility our automated system provides, you will know exactly where and how long for every item in your inventory as it travels through your warehouses. You have the information you need when faced with customers' supply-chain questions.

Accurate Inventory Data
Information to answer product source questions
Fulfillment Software

QubIt™ Fulfillment Platform

This is the solution you need to maximize productivity, order fulfillment capacity, and reduce out-of-stocks. The AutoStore™ QubIt Fulfillment Platform supports all tasking, from inbound to outbound operations, across all temperature zones and pick processes (manual and automated). Fully configurable, the cloud-native software can be customized to meet your operational requirements.

Redefining Grocery

Just like a store.
Unlike any store.

Engaging In-Store Experience

With a more space-efficient storage system, retailers can replace aisles with a richer in-store experiences.

A Scalable System Bridges the Gap Between Online and In-Store

Associates can consolidate orders in less than 10 minutes. Bridge the online and in-store experience to give customers more flexibility.

Expand Product Assortment With High-Density Storage

Our modular solution is fully customizable to fit any height, floor shape, and obstacles. A standardized system permits easy and fast installation.

Redesign Your Existing Store for Tomorrow

The highest density of cube storage ensures you utilize your space to its fullest capacity and makes it possible to expand product assortment.

Click and Collect 24/7

The automated storage and picking system provides a flexible self-service experience. Customers can collect online orders in a few minutes.

Curbside and Last-Mile Delivery

Customers can select their preferred option to collect pre-picked orders curbside or get home delivery.

Case Studies

Transforming Commerce in Every Aspect

AutoStore maximizes warehouse space and business potential. Read about the difference we've made in industries throughout the world.

Picking Rate Doubled Using Automation

Increased online ordering pressured British grocer ASDA into reinventing its fulfillment system. AutoStore proved to be the right choice, helping to reduce unused space and boost efficiency.

Reeling in the Profits with Automation

Sales have increased by 165% since Japanese fishing tackle retailer Hayabusa installed its AutoStore system. They owe their success to the speed and efficiency of cube storage automation.

Same-Day Shipping Made Simpler for Swiss Wholesaler

Storing and picking items from four different locations made it difficult for Competec to meet its same-day shipping guarantee. A centralized AutoStore has made it a lot less challenging.

Making More with Less

Faced with a space crunch and potential rise in unit costs, Norwegian electrical equipment seller Elektroimportøren squeezed 85% of its warehouse into one relatively small AutoStore system.

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