The Bins

Container. Box. Inventory holder.

More than a box

Like blocks, Bins are stacked next to and on top of each other within the Grid. These durable containers hold the inventory. Strong construction and gentle robot handling mean they last forever.


Special and Standard

All goods are stored in standardized, specially designed plastic containers called Bins. Every single Bin is identified by a unique number stored in the AutoStore™ Controller database and repeated with a label on the Bin. The system knows the location of every Bin.

100% Access

Any robot can collect any bin and deliver it to any port.

Multiple Sizes

Three bin heights provide flexibility to fit your storage needs.
Different sizes and material

The size that's right for you

Bins are available in three sizes. The tallest (425 mm) is compatible with B1 and R5+. Each Bin can be subdivided using moveable dividers to hold multiple product categories, increasing your storage capacity.



Bins are 220- , 330-
and 425-mm-tall.


Use moveable dividers to subdivide a bin.
Strong construction

Durable and long-lasting

Manufactured of HDPE, PP-C or anti-static PP-ESD, the AutoStore Bin is stackable and engineered to withstand hundreds of thousands of movements over years of service. Bins are so durable, the world's first AutoStore warehouse at Elotec in Norway still uses the Bins installed in 2005.

5.9 m / 19.4 feet

Maximum stack storage height

Number of bins in continuous rotation at Elotec since 2005

Technical Specification

Available Sizes

220 mm, 330 mm, and 425 mm

Max Stack Storage

24 bins, 16 bins, and 14 bins

Weight Limit

All bin sizes have a limit of 30 kg (66 lbs).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have different AutoStore Bin sizes in one Grid?

No, mixing different Bin sizes is not supported by AutoStore.

However, movable dividers offer the most efficient and flexible solution. They allow customers to easily create various-sized compartments in Bins and fully utilize the maximum internal storage volume.

Is it possible to put different products in one Bin?

Yes. Movable dividers are available for the 220- and 330-mm-tall bins for up to 32 compartments per Bin. The 425-mm-tall Bin can be divided into a maximum of 8 containers. It is up to the WMS to administrate and maintain Bin contents (stock/SKU) and their location within the Bin.

Can there be a lid on top of each Bin?

It is not an official AutoStore module at present, but a Bin with a lid is in development.

Is it possible to put more weight in the Bin than the maximum? If not, how does the system deal with this?

No, weight sensors in the port would not allow the Bin to move into the system.

Are the Bins waterproof to leakage?

Yes, up to 25 mm (1 inch) from the top.

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