Warehouse Automation for Retail

Boost Fulfillment Speed, Precision, and Customer Satisfaction

In a world where convenience, speed, and accuracy dictate customer loyalty, the race is on to not just meet but exceed expectations. The question is, are you ready to lead the pack?

Partner with AutoStore, and embrace the transformation that industry-leading warehouse automation brings. It's not just about keeping up; it's about setting the pace for the future—a future where your operations are the definition of responsiveness, resilience, and reliability.

Let us help you navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape, ensuring your operations are equipped to meet and exceed customer expectations, today and tomorrow.


Robots Made Simple

With so many options and terms surrounding warehouse automation and robots, it can seem overwhelming. You don't need a PhD to understand everything. We've got you covered in 3 Myths Around Automation. Download this easy-to-read guide to learn the basics about warehouse robotics and how to find the right solution for your business.

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In our business it is: Innovate or die. It sounds brutal, but I really feel you're either moving forward and you're using technology and automation and innovation to get better, or you're going backwards.

AutoStore gave us the ability to do exactly that: To get faster and more efficient, using the Black Line and automation.

I think if you are a CEO, and you are not looking at those advantages, I think you're crazy.
Bob Philon
President & CEO PUMA North America
AutoStore was the right technology because it met the density needs we required, and addressed all of our unique needs. We needed a solution that was not only efficient in space utilization but also fast and reliable for servicing both in-store and e-commerce customers across Western Canada.
This system has fundamentally transformed our retail operations, enabling us to focus more on customer engagement and less on non-productive tasks.
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Craig Binch
Store Leader, Decathlon Canada
[AutoStore] allows us to receive orders right up to the last minute and still ship them out the same day. Even if we receive orders one hour before the courier delivery, we can ship it out the same day.
Matteo Miele
Warehouse Operation Manager, Benetton
We had SKU growth, an e-commerce explosion, which made picking more and more challenging, and we had just-in-time inventory problems... AutoStore™ was designed to address all of that, plus set us up for future growth.
Wes Whalberg
Sr. Director of Innovation & Field Operations, Best Buy
Efficiency & Reliability

Deliver on performance, reliably

Maximize your warehouse's efficiency and outpace the competition with AutoStore, the market's fastest AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) per square foot.

With an industry-leading reliability rate of 99.7%, built-in redundancy, and low maintenance costs, your operations will experience unprecedented smoothness and consistency. Embrace the confidence of an always-on operation, ensuring your ability to meet and even exceed customer expectations with timely deliveries, every time.

Industry-Leading System Uptime
AutoStore is the most reliable warehouse automation system in the market.
Scalability & Adaptability

Flexibly Adapt to Seasonal Demands and Growth

AutoStore's system embodies flexibility, designed to fluidly adapt to your evolving operational needs and seasonal demands. Our solution stands out with its ease of modification, supporting your growth trajectory and enabling multiple adjustments throughout the year without operational disruption.

Embrace the agility to swiftly upscale for peak seasons or reconfigure for efficiency, all while maintaining continuous flow and customer satisfaction. With AutoStore, your warehouse is equipped to seamlessly navigate the ebbs and flows of market demands.

Expansions in 1 Year
A not-unheard-of AutoStore phenomenon
Storage Capacity

Quadruple Storage, Optimize Every Inch

Struggling with limited space? AutoStore transforms your space limitations into an advantage. Our system offers the highest-density automated storage solution on the market, enabling you to store up to four times the inventory within the same footprint.

Ideal for an omnichannel approach, it allows you to fulfill a broader range of orders per square foot. Tailor-made for versatility, our modular design adapts to your warehouse height and shape, maximizing floor space and enhancing your storage capacity without compromising on accessibility or efficiency.

More space without moving
AutoStore is the highest density warehouse automation system in the market
Retail Redefined

Micro Fulfillment Centers for Retail: Efficiency Redefined

Revolutionize your retail operations with Micro Fulfillment Centers (MFCs) powered by AutoStore. These innovative MFCs are compact fulfillment hubs designed to be installed in physical stores, bridging the gap between online order fulfillment and in-store experiences. Offering a host of benefits, they streamline order processing for in-store pick-up, reduce last mile, and dramatically save valuable in-store space. Ideal for shopping centers, as your retail business expands, MFCs seamlessly scale to meet growing demands.

Embrace the future of retail warehousing with AutoStore and MFCs, and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Offer 24/7 Click-and-collect with PickUpPort
Achieve 10-minute order fulfillment for in-store pickup or shipped with reduced last-mile
Micro Fulfillment Centers

Just like a store.
Unlike any store.

Engaging In-Store Experience

With a more space-efficient storage system, retailers can replace aisles with richer in-store experiences.

A Scalable System Bridges the Gap Between Online and In-Store

Consolidate orders in less than 10 minutes. Bridge the online and in-store experience to give customers more flexibility.

Expand Product Assortment With High-Density Storage

Our modular solution is fully customizable to fit any height, floor shape, and obstacles. A standardized system permits easy and fast installation.

Redesign Your Existing Store for Tomorrow

The highest density of cube storage ensures you utilize your space to its fullest capacity and makes it possible to expand product assortment.

Click and Collect 24/7

The automated storage and picking system provides a flexible self-service experience. Customers can collect online orders in a few minutes.

Curbside and Last-Mile Delivery

Customers can select their preferred option to collect pre-picked orders curbside or get home delivery.

Cases Studies

Transforming Commerce in Every Aspect

AutoStore maximizes warehouse space and business potential. Read about the difference we've made in your industry throughout the world.

Benetton Triples Storage, Doubles Efficiency

To meet growing online demand, Benetton adopted the AutoStore system. This allowed them to efficiently manage both B2C and B2B orders, triple storage density, double operational efficiency, and process 15,000 order lines per day with increased accuracy.

PUMA Increases Warehouse Capacity x10

Explore PUMA's success story with AutoStore: Revolutionizing e-commerce fulfillment by efficiently processing over 100,000 same-day orders with a remarkable 99% accuracy, even during peak seasons.

Decathlon Achieves 3-Minute Fulfillment, Doubled Storage

Explore Decathlon Calgary's unique retail concept: a micro-fulfillment center in a shopping mall, equipped with a robot-operated AutoStore warehouse. This setup achieves 3-minute order fulfillment and doubled storage capacity, blending e-commerce efficiency with a superior in-store experience.

BestBuy's Strategic AutoStore Integration

Explore Best Buy's journey in revolutionizing e-commerce with eight AutoStore systems, facilitating next-day delivery to 50 million customers annually, achieving dramatic increase in order accuracy, increased supply chain efficiencies, and significant cost savings.

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