Warehouse Automation for Retail

Grow your customer base and their confidence

The rapid rise of e-commerce has created a new mindset among customers and introduced a whole new set of logistical challenges for suppliers.  

With our support, you can keep savvy customers satisfied by providing faster deliveries and becoming more energy-efficient. Scale up or down, making sure you’re always on the right side of current market trends with a greater visibility over your entire inventory. Raise your performance levels and consistently deliver great experiences for all your customers.


Robots Made Simple

With so many options and terms surrounding warehouse automation and robots, it can seem overwhelming. You don't need a PhD to understand everything. We've got you covered in3 Myths Around Automation. Download this easy-to-read guide to learn the basics about warehouse robotics and how to find the right solution for your business.

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We had SKU growth, e-commerce explosion, which made picking more and more challenging, and we had just-in-time inventory problems . . . AutoStore™ was designed to address all of that, plus set us up for future growth.
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Wes Whalberg
Sr. Director of Innovation &
Field Operations, Best Buy
By integrating the AutoStore™ system directly into our retail store, it was possible to simplify processes and eliminate long walking distances, and also give our customers a more engaging shopping experience – and word gets around really fast.
Dieter Egloff
Deputy Managing Director, Peterhans Handwerkercenter AG
The new AutoStore™ system makes our order picking processes much more effective and makes our employees' work easier. A win for the whole team
Markus Giesswein
Owner, Giesswein Walkwaren AG
Parts Town has always been about exceptional customer service and AutoStore™ helps us to do the impossible every day.
Kenny William
Senior Director, Process Improvement, Parts Town

Work faster, work smarter

The immediacy of e-commerce means your customers have low patience and high expectations. Automating your warehouse can raise your operational efficiency and deliver more goods, faster. The AutoStore™ system continuously optimizes the Bin delivery time by preparing Bins throughout the operation, making sure the time to complete an order is kept to a minimum.

AutoStore gets natural advantages from the Pareto principle where 20% of inventory is 80% of the turnover. Most requested Bins are found on the top due to this natural distribution of product requests, but even Bins found on the lowest level of the Grid (16th level) take only 3 minutes 36 seconds to retrieve - plus Robot transportation time to the Port. When digging for a bottom Bin, the system directs other robots to Bins available for picking to open Ports, ensuring maximized picking efficiency, performance, and no interruptions in the workflow.

The Pareto Principle
AutoStore makes it easy to keep popular items close by & easy to reach

Match your supply to market demand

Our system can save you from sleepless nights over sudden dips in demand by enabling you to enlarge or contract your operations with minimal disruption. It’s also designed for easy reinstallation, helping remove the pressure of a future move to a larger or smaller site. Some AutoStore customers have expanded multiple times in 1 year without the need for heavy construction.

Be confident you always have what your customers are looking for, without exposing yourself to unpredictable risk.

Expansions in 1 Year
A not-unheard-of AutoStore phenomenon

View your inventory in real time

If you have high-value inventory items, knowing exactly where they are at all times is essential. Through automation, you gain visibility of your inventory in granular detail – helping you to bring down the number of lost or misplaced items as well as preventing customer disappointment with out-of-stock items. With efficient procedures at the Port, inventory control and accuracy normally gets to over 99%. Data confidence comes naturally with AutoStore.

All of which prevents you from having to shoulder the cost of stock shrinkage. Continue to offer accurate deliveries and satisfying experiences for all of your customers.

Accurate Inventory Data
Reduces stock errors & maintains customer satisfaction
Redefining Retail

Just like a store.
Unlike any store.

Engaging In-Store Experience

With a more space-efficient storage system, retailers can replace aisles with richer in-store experiences.

A Scalable System Bridges the Gap Between Online and In-Store

Associates can consolidate orders in less than 10 minutes. Bridge the online and in-store experience to give customers more flexibility.

Expand Product Assortment With High-Density Storage

Our modular solution is fully customizable to fit any height, floor shape, and obstacles. A standardized system permits easy and fast installation.

Redesign Your Existing Store for Tomorrow

The highest density of cube storage ensures you utilize your space to its fullest capacity and makes it possible to expand product assortment.

Click and Collect 24/7

The automated storage and picking system provides a flexible self-service experience. Customers can collect online orders in a few minutes.

Curbside and Last-Mile Delivery

Customers can select their preferred option to collect pre-picked orders curbside or get home delivery.

Cases Studies

Transforming Commerce in Every Aspect

AutoStore maximizes warehouse space and business potential. Read about the difference we've made in industries throughout the world.

Reeling in the Profits with Automation

Sales have increased by 165% since Japanese fishing tackle retailer Hayabusa installed its AutoStore system. They owe their success to the speed and efficiency of cube storage automation.

Nine Warehouses Fit Into One AutoStore

Sporting goods retailer ERIMA took a risk by relocating its entire inventory from nine locations into one centralized AutoStore. But the move paid off, giving the company far greater control over the millions of items it handles.

Keeping Up with 'Extra-Large' Demands

When sports retailer XXL decided to automate in 2010 they chose AutoStore, predicting that that the system could grow with the company. It was a wise choice. Since then, they've expanded eight times, staying fully operational each time.

Fashion Retailer Consolidates 11 Brands Under One Roof

Textile firm Varner once stored its 11 brands separately in warehouses throughout Europe. Today, each label is distributed from one AutoStore, making business more efficient and profitable for Varner's online channels and their 1,400 stores.

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