Warehouse Automation for Retail

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Streamline retail fufillment with best-in-class automation

Today, consumers expect convenience, speed, and reliable service. And those expectations keep growing. Retailers need warehouses that can meet and even exceed those expectations.

You promise customers speed, precision, and reliability. The AutoStore System helps you deliver that promise.

As the fastest automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) per square foot in the world, it's ready-made for high-volume retail & e-commerce order fulfillment.

Efficiency & Reliability

Custom-fit for retail

AutoStore is an agile, lightweight AS/RS - with heavyweight performance and all the speed you need

It's 'product agnostic', meaning it can be used for safe storage and handling of almost any type of product. So it's great for managing diverse retail SKUs selections, especially if you have high order volumes.

The solution design is customized based on your warehouse floor layout, and your fulfillment processes.

The Engine of Your Order Fulfillment

Move seamlessly from cruise control for daily operations to top gear for peak.

Consistent, accurate picking

  • Single, efficient workflow for diverse SKUs
  • Eliminate human pick errors & reduce return rates
  • Safe handling for all product types
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Turbocharge picking productivity

  • Can be configured for picking 1000s of items & order lines an hour
  • Streamline staging & consolidation across different product categories
  • Higher throughput with no extra labor for all order channels

Built for peak & day-to-day

  • Easily switch between maximum efficiency or throughput, based on current demand
  • Piece picking & batch picking
  • Increase throughput instantly by activating additional Robots and picking Ports

Full SKU access & data control

  • Fast access to your complete SKU range
  • Whitebox approach: unlike other automated fulfillment, solutions no “mirror” inventory list is required
  • Eliminate data discrepancies with WMS & offer better control of SKU data

Works with your tech stack

  • Open APIs for easy, powerful integrations, and maximize productivity
  • Software: connect WMS, e-commerce, ERP, + other key business systems
  • Hardware: pouch sorters, pick-to-light systems, robotic picking arms, etc

Extended cut-off times & priority orders

  • AutoStore customers are able to extend cut-off times for same-day shipping & next-day delivery
  • Priority orders are, processed on average, in 2-5 mins, with real-time optimization to calculate new & current orders
  • Enhance customer experience with new or better express services

Best-in-class performance & uptime.
Delivery you can count on.

Unrivalled Uptime
Systems Globally
25 yrs'
Solution Maturity

Maximum Storage. Maximum Efficiency.

Always optimized for the fastest fulfillment based on your current demand.

New seasons.
New releases.
Black Friday.
Holiday promotions.
End-of-season sale.

  • Up 4x more storage capacity
    Multiples you storage capacity with zero extra footprint.

  • High throughput in limited space
    Grid design with ultra-dense storage & speed Bin presentations.  

  • Ideal for high inventory turnover
    Dynamically adapts to fast SKU rotation without slowing down throughput.

  • Works whatever your order profile
    Traditional ABC or not, SKU placement is optimized without order structure updates.

Agile, scalable, and incredibly fast to install

Unbeatable time-to-market.
With lightweight construction and a modular design, an AutoStore can be tested and fully live in as little as five months. Without shutting down any existing operations.

Scale with a system that grows with you.
Not one you have to grow into. The Grid can be extended in a few days to add more capacity, with no shut down. Again.

The Grid: Dense Design

  • Custom layout for your floorspace
  • Innovative cube design with very high-density storage to maximize capacity, while still providing high speed access to all you SKUs
  • Add spare capacity for peak, without needing extra warehouse footprint

Bins: Secure Storage

  • Robust, dust-free storage for any product
  • 3 sizes available
  • Pick multiple items from a single Bin presentation
  • Easily modified with dividers for placing smaller items & even more density.

Robots: Rapid Retrieval

  • Fast charge and multi-shift for 24/7 operations
  • Quick and easy to activate additional units for short-term peaks.

Ports: Picking Power

  • A range of workstations built to optimize different fulfillment flows.
  • 5 x human picker productivity and incredibly easy to learn.
  • Save space and increase efficiency with multiple tasks in one workstation: picking & staging, consolidation, returns, replenishment.

Software & APIs: Optimum Operations

  • The Controller, together with the Router platform, navigates the Robots on the Grid, and is directly connected to your WMS to calculate and recalculate optimal picking routes every second.
  • As order volumes increase, potential gains from efficiency increases also increase. Get deep data insights about your AutoStore in real-time, with a Unify Analytics platform license.
  • AutoStore open APIs offer interoperability for easy integration with any third-party technology, but now and in the future.

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Retail Redefined

Reimagine in-store experiences with MFC

AutoStore's Micro-Fulfillment Center (MFCs), solutions are compact, innovative fulfillment hubs. Bring the power of warehouse automation to physical shopping experiences.

Bridging the customer gap between online & in-store.
Streamline order processing for in-store pick-up, and reclaim valuable shop floorspace from backroom storage.

Click & collect with PickUpPort
10-minute order fulfillment for in-store pickup, or local shipping to reduce last-mile.
Cases Studies

Discover the AutoStore Advantage

AutoStore maximizes warehouse space and business potential. Read about the difference we've made in your industry throughout the world.

Benetton Triples Storage, Doubles Efficiency

To meet growing online demand, Benetton adopted the AutoStore system. This allowed them to efficiently manage both B2C and B2B orders, triple storage density, double operational efficiency, and process 15,000 order lines per day with increased accuracy.

PUMA Increases Warehouse Capacity x10

Explore PUMA's success story with AutoStore: Revolutionizing e-commerce fulfillment by efficiently processing over 100,000 same-day orders with a remarkable 99% accuracy, even during peak seasons.

Decathlon Achieves 3-Minute Fulfillment, Doubled Storage

Explore Decathlon Calgary's unique retail concept: a micro-fulfillment center in a shopping mall, equipped with a robot-operated AutoStore warehouse. This setup achieves 3-minute order fulfillment and doubled storage capacity, blending e-commerce efficiency with a superior in-store experience.

BestBuy's Strategic AutoStore Integration

Explore Best Buy's journey in revolutionizing e-commerce with eight AutoStore systems, facilitating next-day delivery to 50 million customers annually, achieving dramatic increase in order accuracy, increased supply chain efficiencies, and significant cost savings.

Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency and Reliability

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