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At a time when attracting and retaining labor is essential to
e-commerce operations, along comes AutoStore™ FusionPort. Built to keep workers happy and productive, it easily integrates with other technologies to create a comprehensive warehouse solution that meets sales demands.

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Comfort & Safety

Designed with the worker in mind

FusionPort reduces fatigue and maintains comfort for those front-line workers that are essential to your success. Tilted Bin openings and ergonomic user interface positioning minimize reaching and twisting motions, allowing operators to comfortably perform repetitive tasks without fear of injury during long work shifts. To maximize safety, safety hatches stay closed until Bins are ready for picking, guaranteeing a safe and secure transfer of products from Robots to humans.


Source Bin Openings

Angled at 15 degrees to minimize reaching

Safety Hatches

Stay closed until Bins are ready to pick

Made for fast order fulfillment

Two Bin openings operate independently with zero-to-low waiting times, facilitating faster order picking without impacting throughput. Visual picking aids cut operators’ time spent searching for items, enabling high pick accuracy and accelerating order fulfillment productivity and efficiency.


Dual Bin Presentation

Made for rapid


Max handling
Easy Implementation

Creates a comprehensive automated picking workflow

The Port’s dense design leaves plenty of space around its perimeter to integrate with conveyors, sorters, put walls, robotic piece pickers, or other material handling technologies. A pre-installed pick-to-light (PTL) system eliminates the need for external picking guidance.


Comes Pre-installed

No need for external
guidance system

Technical Specification

Bin Height Support

220 mm, 330 mm, and 425 mm

Max. Load Including Bins

35 kg (77 lbs)

Max. Bin Throughput

550 Bins/hr.

Operating Temperature

+2° C (35.6° F) to +35° C (95° F)

Power Consumption

Per module:
Average: 80 W (normal operation)
Max.: 190 W (higher than 20 seconds)
Specification Sheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

In which application should I select FusionPort?

The FusionPort will be the optimal choice for customers with a focus on operator well-being and third-party warehouse technology integration around the Port to create comprehensive warehouse workflows and processes – supporting you in improving both operator and system performance.

How can I maximize Port productivity?

This could be achieved in a couple of ways.

One is through installing an overhang or placing the Port in a tunnel. This way, the Robots have more freedom to optimize routes in and out from the Port, ensuring high Port efficiency.

Second, optimizing the operator workflow is key. Ensuring easy access to package material and effective removal of finished packed goods are typical optimization points.

The third is by integrating with robotic piece picking.

How many Bins are buffered inside the Port?

FusionPort can buffer a maximum of four Bins inside the Port.

Can we use FusionPort to insert and remove Bins?

No, it is not possible to insert and remove Bins using FusionPort due to the tilt of the Bin openings and safety hatch. We recommend using ConveyorPort, CarouselPort, or transfer cells for insertion and removal of the Bins.

Can an existing AutoStore customer install FusionPort?

Yes. However, it is important to note that FusionPort is compatible only with the AutoStore system equipped with Router software and Double/Double Grid.

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