AutoStore Acceleration Program

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About the graduate program at AutoStore

Start your graduate program at AutoStore as a hired member of staff from day one. Develop your expertise, learn to lead, make friends, mess around under the hard shell of our robots and inside their soft brains. Rotate through different teams, work with various aspects of our technology, and by the end of your training program, the inner workings of the AutoStore system will be second nature to you.

Join the robot revolution

  • Hired from day 1
  • Try different departments
  • Learn from the best
  • Choose where to work

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Your human journey in robotics.

Join the AutoStore headquarters in Vats.


Your human journey in robotics.

Join your fellow graduates for onboarding in Vats.


Your human journey in robotics.

Join your team. Learn from the best, tackle hard assignments, make mistakes and learn how to learn from them.


Your human journey in robotics.

Travel with your fellow graduates to Poland and learn about our operations, supply chain and how we make our product.


Your human journey in robotics.

Rotate, join a new department, just as you were getting good where you were. Why? To keep learning, and to spread your knowledge.


Your human journey in robotics.

Travel with your fellow graduates to different locations and learn about our global business.


Your human journey in robotics.

Graduate the program. Set your direction for your future at AutoStore and help yourself to a fancy hat.

Play a part

AutoStore is still a growing company. Our robots lead the market, but they have to improve. As a part of a small, nimble team, you can make a difference to the future of this company, even this whole branch of business.

As a graduate you'll see things from a different angle while learning what we've tried, what's not worked and where we want to go. Your unique perspective might propel us in entirely new directions and quite frankly, that's why we want you on board.


Learn from the best. During your graduate program you'll learn from a mentor who will support you and guide you along the way.

Pet project

Work on a project that means something to you. Up to 20% of your time as a graduate can be spent on a project of your own choosing within the AutoSphere. It might lead nowhere, but you'll certainly learn a lot along the way. It might also lead to pretty incredible places.

Your mentor will help you find help and resources within AutoStore.

Learn how to lead

AutoStore is an informal place where things can move quickly. But we still need leaders and decision makers. Our graduate program helps you develop your leadership skills by teaching you how to lead small, nimble teams through complicated projects, and how to make incredible things come to life. Who knows, you might run the show one day.

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