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AutoStore™, founded in 1996, is a technology company that develops order-fulfillment solutions to help businesses achieve efficiency gains within the storage and retrieval of goods. The company offers both hardware and software capabilities and the AutoStore technology is interoperable with other third-party solutions.

AutoStore is global, with 1,450+ Systems in 50+ countries. All sales are distributed, designed, installed, and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators referred to as "partners".

AutoStore was founded in Nedre Vats, on the west coast of Norway. The company has offices in Norway, the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, as well as production facilities in Koszalin, Poland and Rayong, Thailand.

How It Started

Great Change Always Starts with a Big Why

In the 1990s, the Hatteland Group built a new large warehouse to store the electronic components it sold in Northern Europe.
When shelves filled to capacity in the first month, Hatteland’s Technical Director Ingvar Hognaland had an epiphany: Why store things like dominos, when we could store them like a Rubik’s cube? Let’s stop "airhousing" and start warehousing.

That became the birth of cube storage automation and AutoStore.


Traditional shelving wastes space

Cube storage maximizes space
Always Innovating

Foreseeing Trends at the Forefront of Innovation

Figuring other industries could benefit from this new cube storage automation concept, Arrow Electronics acquired Hatteland Electronic in 2000. The funding enabled Hatteland Group to invest in AutoStore, and from that moment the commercialization period started. The mature and robust product called AutoStore was to become the backbone of the Hatteland Group and it was ready to conquer the world.


AutoStore is


Arrow Electronics Acquisition

Global Player

A Global Network Delivering Solutions Worldwide

In 2021, investment powerhouse SoftBank became an AutoStore shareholder following prior acquisitions by Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. and EQT Private Equity. Today, with more than 1,250+ systems and 58,500+ Robots across 50+ countries, AutoStore is poised to continue its aggressive global expansion.



AutoStore has over 1,250 systems


AutoStore is powering brands globally
Sites by Sector

Servicing a Variety of Sectors Across all Industries

AutoStore is used by a “who’s who” of global blue-chip companies. In industries as diverse as e-commerce, grocery, industrial, and healthcare, our cubic technology can be found in any warehouse, retail location, or other facility where end users need to “redefine space.”

Warehouse automation for smaller spaces

AutoStore has established Pio

Pio utilizes AutoStore products to offer a simplified warehouse automation solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Pio is designed to fit smaller spaces and throughput than a traditional AutoStore implementation and is delivered as an affordable and flexible robots-as-a-service model.

Visit the Pio website here.

Man sitting at a desk typing on his computer. A Pio cube system can be seen in the background.
ISO Certified

We're ISO Certified and Proud of It!

Our ISO certifications are testament to our dedication to delivering products and services that meet and exceed global standards.

It's a mark of our continuous efforts to improve our processes, reduce environmental impact, and ensure the highest level of quality in everything we do.  

These are our current ISO certifications, but the list will expand:

ISO 9001 HQ + sites (download)
ISO 9001 Poland - production (download)
ISO 27001 Global (download)

Executive Management

Mats Hovland Vikse

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Dickson

Chief Revenue Officer

Anette Matre

Chief People & Information Officer

Paul Harrison


Carlos Fernandez

Chief Solutions Officer

Israel Losada Salvador

Chief Operating Officer

Jenny S. Hovda

General Counsel

Bendik Førre

Chief Strategy Officer

Parth Joshi

Chief Product Officer

Board of Directors

Jim Carlisle


Vikas J. Parekh


Andreas Hansson

Board Member

Hege Skryseth

Board Member

Kjersti Wiklund


Michael K. Kaczmarek

Board Member

Sumer Juneja

Board Member

Viveka Ekberg

Board Member
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