The AutoStore™ Red Line

Four Robots. More options ready for any fulfillment challenge. ​

Next Level Cutting-Edge Technology

Found around the globe in large and small teams, they tirelessly dig, retrieve, and deliver to support your customer-winning order fulfillment. AutoStore™ Robots are ready for a new adventure, giving you, as a retailer more floor space for your money, enabling you to stay closer to your customer. R5™, R5+™, R5 Pro™, or R5+ Pro™ — choose one or more to match your product assortment, warehouse size, and shift duration.


Team Player

Each Robot is independently controlled, supporting a system with no single point of failure and an uptime of 99.7%. Any Robot can collect any bin and deliver it to any workstation. This efficiency means you have access to 100% of your stock when you need it.


Operational uptime


Access to stock

Tireless Worker

Customer satisfaction happens in all departments. R5 and R5+ stand ready, working to increase order accuracy and decrease time for order fulfillment and shipping. It is your go-to for a faster, more accurate service for longer customer relationships.


Top Speed
(10.2 feet/s)


Lift Speed
(5.25 feet/s)


Energy Efficient

Robots are assigned tasks based on their location, always completing the closest task taking the shortest route. Utilizing regenerative technology, energy is returned to the battery making AutoStore one of the only systems able to run on solar power alone.

Ten robots use less energy than a vacuum.

100 Watts

When in operation

10 Robots

Use the energy of 1 vacuum cleaner
The Original R5 ​

Efficiency & Reliability in One Little Package ​

R5 is the 5th generation of the award-winning Red Line technology achieving incredible business outcomes for over 20 years. Each Robot works independently and as part of a larger team. If one Robot needs attention, the other Robots will pick up the work and carry on without a system shutdown.

Driving along the top of the Grid, R5 works tirelessly to dig, carry, and deliver Bins to any Port for order fulfillment or inventory replenishment. Thousands are working across 50+ countries for some of the most well-known brands.


The ubiquitous R5 is used in 50+ countries


Over 30,000 R5s are in operation ​


More Reasons to Shop With You

The R5+ is built and based on the same iconic R5 technology supporting brands around the world achieving incredible business outcomes for over 20 years. Designed with extra capacity, R5+ handles all three AutoStore Bin sizes, including the tallest 425 mm Bin. By making our largest Bin compatible with our most popular and trusted Robot, you can continue providing the fast and reliable service customers expect and give them more reasons to remain loyal to you.


Maximum Grid


Tallest compatible

R5 Pro and R5+ Pro

Optimize Large-Scale Warehousing for Extended Operation

The newest members of the Red Line family, the R5 Pro and R5+ Pro, are tailored for large-scale, multishift fulfillment operations. They give a critical advantage in meeting heightened peak-season demands by providing a rapid charge. Its improved throughput per Robot means you can reduce your Robot count by up to 15%, optimizing the routing of Robots and enhancing your system productivity. ​

With uninterrupted multishift operations, the R5 Pro and R5+ Pro also significantly reduce the number of chargers you need by up to 86%, lowering your overall system investment and installation costs and freeing up space around the Grid for more SKUs instead of chargers.


Higher throughput per Robot


Fewer chargers

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Technical Specification

Measurements (DDG)

W: 700 mm (2.3 feet)
L: 988 mm (3.2 feet)
H: 545 mm (1.8 feet) with antenna

W: 700 mm (2.3 feet)
L: 988 mm (3.2 feet)
H: 645 mm (2.1 feet) with antenna

R5 Pro
W: 700 mm (2.3 feet)
L: 988 mm (3.2 feet)
H: 539 mm (1.8 feet)

R5+ Pro
W: W: 700 mm (2.3 feet)
L: 963 mm (3.6 feet)
H: 639 mm (2.1 feet)

Weight (DDG)

156 kg (343.9 lbs) with batteries

160 kg (352.7 lbs) with batteries

R5 Pro
141 kg (310.9 lbs) with battery (SDG)
148 kg (326.3 lbs) with battery (DDG)

R5+ Pro
145 kg (319.7 lbs) with batteries (SDG)
152 kg (335.1 lbs) with battery (DDG)

Power Consumption

100 W (operation)

Operating Temperature

+2° C (35.6° F) to +35° C (95° F)

+2° C (35.6° F) to +35° C (95° F)

R5 Pro
+1° C (33.8° F) to +35° C (95° F)

R5+ Pro
+1° C (33.8° F) to +35° C (95° F)


3.1 m/s (10.2 ft/s)


0.8 m/s² (2.6 ft/s²)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the maximum R5 and R5+ speeds?

  • Max speed = 3.1 meters per second (10 feet per second)
  • Acceleration = 0.8 meters per second² (2.6  feet per second²)
  • Lifting speed = 1.6 meters per second (5.25 feet per second)

In which applications should customers select R5+ vs. R5?

The R5 will still be the optimal choice for 220- and 330-mm Bin applications because the R5+ will require additional time for every lift operation compared to R5 when handling 220- and 330-mm Bins. For 425-mm Bin applications, the R5+ will be the natural choice.

What are the technical differences between the R5+ and the R5?

Please refer to the R5+ spec sheet above.

Can current customers with an AutoStore Grid that has B1 Robots expand their system with R5+ Robots?


What is the typical recharging time (example: minutes to charge, hours of operations)?

A typical working day for R5 and R5+ is about 20 hours. Each Robot needs at least 4 hours of charging per day. Robots will charge whenever they see an opportunity to do so (during breaks or low-capacity periods).

The AutoStore Red Line can and does support 24-hour operations. We are happy to discuss how to make this happen and invite you to contact our team for more specifics.

Does the system need to shut down if a Robot stops on the grid?

No. In most situations the system will continue running. The AutoStore software module, XHandler, takes over the failed Robot and will try to fix the error situation without stopping the system. Only in cases where the error cannot be handled automatically or there is a risk of Robot collision will the system stop.

Does the system have the same performance with full Bin loads as with empty Bins?

Yes. The weight of the Bin has no impact on the system's performance.

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