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An AutoStore R5 robot viewed from below. The R5 robot is located on top of a AutoStore Grid. Illustration.

The space makers

At AutoStore, our robots, our team, and our customers are united by a single goal – making space for incredible. Because when we use spaces innovatively and efficiently, we unlock potential to achieve incredible results and tangible outcomes.

Learn more about how customers like Puma, Geodis and Active Ants are unlocking the true potential of warehouse storage and automation.

Red AutoStore R5 robot in motion on top of a grid. Photo.

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Hiring women as engineers

This is Reference Man.

Engineering shouldn’t be biased, but it is. We want more women in tech and engineering to create a fairer future for all.

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Robots Made Simple

With so many options and terms surrounding warehouse automation and robots, it can seem overwhelming. You don't need a PhD to understand everything. We've got you covered in3 Myths Around Automation. Download this easy-to-read guide to learn the basics about warehouse robotics and how to find the right solution for your business.

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The greatest advantage of AutoStore™ is efficiency compared to manual picking with a lift truck, for example. The system is very reliable with excellent uptime. In addition, it’s easy to learn. It only takes a few minutes to learn the system independently. It gives us a great advantage.
Portrait of Kai-Remi Berge. Photo.
Kai-Remi Berge
AutoStore Manager, XXL
In store shelves filled with shoes on the top and shoe boxes in the lower part. Photo.
The AutoStore™ facility has a lot of advantages in terms of use of space. The storage positions are closer together. We don't need lanes between them because the robots retrieve and transport the containers from above.
Portrait of Mohammet Cirak. Photo.
Mohammet Cirak
Specialist for Inventory Administration, Lufthansa
In terms of business, the cost savings is immense. Our biggest savings was space, followed by staff, followed by energy, followed by stock loss. And then there are less measurable things, like being more accurate with your stock, your customers being able to trust your stock levels better.
Portrait of Marc Cohen. Photo.
Marc Cohen
Managing Director, Davcor
Portrait photo of Marc Cohen leaning over to his left side. Photo.
We’re focused every morning with getting everything out – so that we can deliver everything to the customer as quickly as possible. Our record right now is 49 seconds from the customer placing the order until the order is ready for distribution.
Portrait of Lars Lindgaard. Photo.
Lars Lindgaard
Chief Operating Officer, Boozt Fashion
Boozt HQ building view from the front. Photo.

Warehouse Robots at Your Service

AutoStore™ gives customers the speed, precision, and reliability they expect in today's fast-paced, omnichannel digital economy.

An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), it harnesses the power of warehouse robots for 24/7 order fulfillment within a cubic layout so dense it can actually quadruple storage capacity and unlock the true potential of storage floorspace.


Storage Capacity

Within the same


24/7 access to

Of Energy Use

Best-in-class consumption
Red AutoStore R5 robot in motion on top of a grid. Photo.

Customized Specifically
for You

With 1,450+ systems around the world, no two are the same. Each AutoStore is designed based on your operational needs and is fully validated through our simulation software, the same software running the live system. This ensures your system will meet your demands and resolve your challenges.

A great experience is what every customer looks for and stays loyal to. Automating your operations and warehouse lets you deliver an efficient online service while remaining focused on providing great in-store experiences. Find out how we can help you give the best service to every customer, however they shop.

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Woman holding a box filled with vegetables in a kitchen. Photo..

The rapid rise of e-commerce offers many great opportunities, but demand is unpredictable and hard to maintain. Our system scales up or down with ease, so you can stay on top of everchanging consumer behavior. Find out how we can help you keep your customers happy through speedy and efficient delivery.

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Young man sitting on a sofa, smiling, looking down and opening a cardboard box. Photo.

The last thing you need is for customers to start shopping around for alternatives. Automating your warehouse strengthens your service offerings by allowing you to provide increased data visibility and reduced labor costs. Find out how we can enhance your competitive edge and raise your value to customers.

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Timely delivery is always a high priority, but especially for healthcare. Our space-saving solution allows for localized, efficient, and accurate order fulfillment, reducing your reliance on international trade routes. Find out how we can help you ensure every patient gets what they need when they need it.

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If you manage an inventory of high-value, high-demand goods and equipment, it can take as little as one failed delivery to put a dent in your profits and damage the loyalty of your customers. Find out how we can help you deliver the seamless level of service to keep all your customers satisfied.

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Simplicity at its Finest

AutoStore breaks down to a small set of basic components that easily integrate into any existing facility — Bins, Robots, Ports, the Grid, and Controller. Using our custom simulation software, we can show you the design you need to get up and running.

From there, watch how your customers rave at how fast you meet demand. Order fulfillment has never been simpler.



220-, 330-, and


Red Line, Black Line,
or both


5 options to fit your operations
A red R5 AutoStore robot located on top of an AutoStore grid. Viev  of the robot is top down. Photo.
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Cube Storage Pioneers Since 1996

Wasted space is a thing of the past thanks to the ingenious foresight of engineers from a small Norwegian village. Find out how it all started and what AutoStore has planned for the future of order fulfillment.

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