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Komplett – One of the First Autostore Customers

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Electronics retailer Komplett was one of the first companies to install AutoStore. As a result, they now process orders at 10 times the speed as before.

Size of the warehouse

Scandinavian online electronics retailer Komplett was one of the first companies in the world to install an AutoStore warehouse automation system. Over the years, the system has enabled them to process orders at ten times the speed of manual picking in the warehouses.

The company, the largest Scandinavian online-first electronics retailer, focuses on gaming products and consumer electronics. It also offers customers electronic goods in the following categories: computers, household and leisure, and photo and video. They opened their first online shop in 1996, long before e-commerce was widely adopted.

The Komplett Group is known for three brands (Komplett, Itegra, and Webhallen) and has eight online shops in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The Webhallen brand is also sold in 20 physical stores in the south of Sweden.

While the Group’s headquarters are in Sandefjord, Norway, they also have offices in Stockholm and Oslo. They aim to offer customers the broadest range of electronic goods at the lowest possible prices, while making the online shopping experience as seamless as possible.

In 2020, the Group had a total of 130 million visitors to its eight e-commerce stores. In total, they have about 1.5 million customers, of which 70% are registered unique users.


AutoStore and manual system works side by side

The Sandefjord warehouse, which is just over 2,000 sqm (270,000 sf) in size, has been operating with AutoStore since 2008. The system is used in conjunction with Komplett’s manual warehouse system.

“When we started to develop our warehouse in 2007, almost no one else in Europe had managed to achieve the same degree of automation as us with this system,” says Bjørn-Tore Svendsen, logistics manager for the Komplett Group.

He explains that swift and accurate processing of orders and deliveries is essential, while customers should be able to track their orders. For the process to flow well, the company’s logistics operations need to be scalable, flexible, and efficient at all times. The AutoStore system has made all of this possible.

In recent years, Komplett has made significant investments in its logistics operations and now benefits from a warehouse system uptime of 99.9%. Of course, the AutoStore system works round the clock and over weekends, which contributes to the company’s stated aim of quick and accurate deliveries.

Customers can choose their delivery methods, including collections from pick-up points, such as post offices or grocery stores, or home deliveries. For the Oslo area and parts of the rest of the country, door-to-door delivery is done the next day by express delivery. Otherwise, the standard delivery time is one to three business days.

More about Komplett’s system

The Komplett team shares these facts about their AutoStore system:

  • AutoStore handles approximately 85% of the Group’s packaging; the remaining items are picked and packed .
  • 75 self-charging Robots glide across the aluminum AutoStore grid every day, storing, picking, and stacking items and getting them ready for delivery.
  • Thanks to AutoStore, a product is delivered to a customer every four seconds.
  • Approximately 6,000 packages are delivered on average per day.
  • Barely 20 minutes after a customer places an order, the ordered items are en route to their destination.
  • There are 72,500 Bins in the system.

The benefits of the AutoStore system

The benefits of installing AutoStore have been many, including processing orders at about 10 times the rate warehouse employees can do through manual picking.

AutoStore also enables Komplett to make full use of its available storage space, as there’s no need for forklifts, aisles, or ramps in the warehouse. In addition, it’s easy to expand the system by simply extending the existing grid and the number of Robots, Bins, and Picking Stations.

Lastly, the system is both economical and environmentally friendly, as its energy usage is low.

When we started to develop our warehouse in 2007, almost no one else in Europe had managed to achieve the same degree of automation as us with this system.

Bjørn-Tore Svendsen
Logistics Manager, Komplett Group

Sarah Adenau
Business Development Manager

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