5 Ways Cube Storage Has Changed Medical Material Handling

June 15, 2022
June 15, 2022
12:00 CT
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The application of cube storage systems in the healthcare and medical goods industry has changed how medical supplies are handled.

Do you know the top 5 ways you can use cube storage to advance your facility and how it’s changing medical material handling? You may find all the advantages surprising.

Join us Wednesday, June 15 at noon Central for this webinar discussing the 5 Ways Cube Storage Has Forever Changed Medical Material Handling to learn about cube storage and explore how companies are using this technology to accelerate business growth while mitigating risks around inventory, storage, and operations.  

You will see:

  • How to use cube storage to reduce medical inventory theft, product damage, and loss
  • How companies are using advanced storage systems to track inventory with high accuracy
  • What you can do to accelerate growth while avoiding the need to build new facilities or move locations
  • How you can shorten time to order fulfillment and increase worker productivity without burnout
  • How you can reduce operating costs with dense, automated inventory management

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