5 Ways to Increase Sustainability in Warehouse Logistics

November 8, 2022
November 8, 2022
15.30 CET
45 min
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Which factors influence sustainability in logistics and how automation can contribute to more sustainability in the warehouse

For many consumers, the subject of sustainability is not just a buzzword, but is increasingly being incorporated as a criterion in their purchasing decisions. More and more companies are responding to this and/or are incorporating sustainability and social responsibility into their corporate strategy out of their own awareness. In this context, logistics offers great potential for achieving the sustainability goals that have been set.

What factors are important for sustainable warehouse logistics? What can automation contribute? And what other positive effects can be achieved through more sustainable logistics?

In this seminar, we will introduce five ways of doing things, present practical examples, and answer your individual questions.

It is aimed at anyone who wants or needs to make their warehouse logistics more sustainable.

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