Beyond the Cube: The Many Uses of AutoStore

April 27, 2021
April 27, 2021
45 min
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See how AutoStore™ fits into your existing fulfillment operations to boost your logistics.

About this webinar

Many know AutoStore as an innovative, flexible storage and picking system, a compact cube with storage containers stacked on top of each other and workstations arranged on them.

In this online seminar we want to inspire:

  • What else can you do with AutoStore?
  • We present examples and possible applications from various industries that show how creatively the material flow in the company can be optimized.
  • The seminar is aimed at all those who are interested in new ways in intralogistics.

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Meet The AutoStore Experts

Peter Bimmermann

Business Development Manager D/A/CH & CEE; Managing Director Germany at AutoStore

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