Creating the Future of Warehousing

August 25, 2022
August 25, 2022
15:00 JST
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See how you can design an amazing robot warehouse in minutes in this webinar.

Join our team as they demonstrate the agility and flexibility of the AutoStore proprietary software called Grid Designer. Using key data from your operations, you can quickly design and view a 3D model of an AutoStore system specific to your operational needs.

In this webinar, the client gives numerical instructions to the designer on details such as the throughput of the warehouse, and watches as a 3D blueprint of the fully automated warehouse is quickly constructed. The customer will gain an understanding of the length, width, and height of the warehouse; the number of bins based on product quantities; sales trends, such as 20% of SKUs (smallest managed unit of merchandise) fulfilling 80% of orders; and picking time per bin.

A unique feature in the warehouse automation industry, the AutoStore standard that all systems are designed and fully simulated means you know the size, scope, and abilities of your system to meet your needs before you buy.

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Meet The AutoStore Experts

Katsuki Sakai

Business Development Manager at AutoStore

Naofumi Yokoyama

System Design Analyst at AutoStore

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