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Unify Analytics

What is Unify Analytics?

Unify Analytics is a cloud-based service and data platform enabling you to quickly and easily gain access to actionable insight from your AutoStore systems. Unify Analytics fully automates the traditional way of collecting and analyzing real-time AutoStore log data, allowing you to reduce wasted time, eliminate human error, optimize your system performance, and fuel business growth.

Unify Analytics is available in two versions: Web application and API  

  • Web application: Easy and intuitive out-of-the-box web application for viewing real-time statistics and analytics of the your AutoStore systems
  • API: Allows access to raw real-time AutoStore log data and enables seamless integration with any external third-party application of your choice.

What are the features & functionality of this software?

Unify Analytics features & functionality includes:

  • Performance analysis dashboard: Intuitive graphic representation of metrics, statistics, and analytics portraying module operational trends
  • Reporting: Provides key operational data reports you can act upon immediately.

New features are being developed continuously and will be added to the software gradually.

What value does Unify Analytics bring?

Unify Analytics’ state-of-the-art cluster technology gives you a full overview of your system status, module performance reports, and graphical presentation of data trends to help them make informed decisions about your systems and take proactive action.

How secure is Unify Analytics?

Unify Analytics secures all access to your real-time and logged system data. Data is accessible only to designated end-users and distribution partners they have agreed to share data.

How much technical experience do I need to use the software?

Unify Analytics is intuitive, easy to use, and does not require any technical skills or training.

How do I purchase Unify Analytics?

Unify Analytics can only be purchased through AutoStore distribution partners. Please contact our team for more information.

How do I get software updates?

All operations related to maintaining and operating Unify Analytics are managed by AutoStore and no action is needed from your side. We automatically deploy software updates when available. This enables you to always be on the latest version.

Can I use Unify Analytics offline?

No, Unify Analytics is not supported for offline use.

Is Unify Analytics available in different languages?

Yes, Unify Analytics currently supports English and Norwegian.

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