Go Green with AutoStore

Supporting Your Green Initiative: AutoStore technology, combined with solar power, is an excellent recipe for becoming more sustainable, as many of our customers have found out.

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Supporting Your Green Initiative

When it comes to warehouse automation, it is important to understand the impact your solution has on your mission to reduce your carbon footprint.

Go Green with AutoStore

Within the supply chain, facilities have an enormous potential for reducing emissions. Around the world, buildings account for over 40% of “total direct and indirect CO2 emissions”. (1) Not surprising as warehouses are designed for human workers with aisles, lighting, environmental settings, and lots of empty space.

Companies are working to convert or build eco-friendly and energy efficient facilities. From LED lighting to solar power, every aspect is considered. And AutoStore fits in perfectly when looking to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are 4 ways AutoStore can help reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Energy Efficient Robots

Like an electric car, the robots utilize regenerative energy, returning power to the battery each time it lowers a bin or reduces speed. One robot uses about 100 watts; a team of 10 robots uses the same amount of energy many household appliances such as a refrigerator or a hair dryer.

2. Harness the Power of the Sun

When sustainability is a priority, AutoStore meets the speed demands for order fulfillment and reduces energy consumption. Around the world, our clients use solar energy to power their warehouse and AutoStore. In Norway where there is very little sunlight in the winter, Berggaard Amundsen is able to generate 230,000 kilowatt hours per year from their solar panels making the facility self-sufficient from April to September including the use of AutoStore.(2)

3. Save on Your Electrical Bill

Traditional warehouse design is with humans in mind. Aisles between shelves, the need for heating, cooling, and lighting. Since robots are doing all the work and don’t need environmental settings to work, you can turn off the lights at the grid and lower the temperatures. Our clients have seen up to a 75% reduction in their electrical costs.

4. Reduce Warehouse Footprint

New construction each year is about 6.13 billion square meters and adds about 3729 million metric tons of CO2 per year.(3) Reducing your carbon footprint includes reducing the need for new warehouse space. Utilizing a high-density design, clients increase their storage capacity while reducing their overall warehouse footprint by up to 75%. This allows companies to stay in their current location.

Utilizing energy efficient policies and technology has proven cost savings. It also improves “health and wellbeing, reduces local air pollution, (and) creates jobs”. (4) AutoStore has played an important role for our clients when it comes to sustainability. From low power consumption to robots with fewer moving parts, we are working to make the supply chain more energy efficient.

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  4. World GBC Report from 2016

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