AutoStore Holdings Ltd – Rotation and appointment of board members

Last Updated
April 21, 2023
(Nedre Vats, 21 April 2022): AutoStore Holdings Ltd (AutoStore, OSE:AUTO) Board member Sam Merksamer has informed the board of directors of AutoStore that he rotates off from the company's board of directors with effect from April 20[th]. Further, Softbank has decided to appoint Sumer Juneja and Vikas Parekh as new members of the board of directors with effect from April 20[th]. Vikas Parekh will be replacing Sam Merksamer as co-chair of the board. Moreover, Thomas H. Lee Partners has decided to appoint Edzard Overbeek as new member of the board of directors with effect from April 20[th], replacing Magnus Tornling who stepped down in September 2022. The co-chair of the board of directors, Jim Carlisle, thanks Sam for his valuable contributions to the board, and welcomes the new appointments, respectively. The board of directors will continue to constitute a quorum after the announced rotation and appointments.