AutoStore™ and adameo Install Automated Micro-picking System

Paris, France - June 24, 2021 - In order to deliver faster while controlling the environmental impact, it is essential to bring inventory closer to consumers and to set up proximity logistics spaces in urban centers.

AutoStore™ and adameo Install Automated Micro-picking System

This is what automation specialist AutoStore and consulting firm adameo want to demonstrate by opening a showroom in the heart of Paris inside a La Poste site.

Discover the showroom in this video.

This automated storage facility, based on AutoStore technology, is in a mail and parcel distribution platform of La Poste in the 8th district of the capital. For the retailer who uses the demonstration within the postal site, the inventory is managed by a WMS or WCS. The objective is to densify inventory in small existing spaces to reduce the cost of urban logistics real estate and to connect a brand's goods to eco-responsible delivery solutions.

Towards a densified, modular and profitable urban logistics

Thanks to storage spaces of this type, consumers and companies will be able to benefit from new services. The use cases are numerous and still to be invented:

  • Provide 24-hour access to a Click & Collect network to match the immediacy of e-commerce.
  • Simplify the "consumer to consumer" exchange of second-hand online platforms.
  • Enable customized emergency replenishment in less than two hours for specific inventories (e.g. spare parts or medical equipment).
  • Purchase points of sale in Low Emission Zones (ZFE) thanks to soft mobility.
  • Facilitate e-commerce for small retailers through multi-brand Click & Collect points with shared costs.

"Many of our customers ask us to help them keep up with the pace of e-commerce and make their omnichannel value proposition real," said Bruno Coste, President of adameo. "Thanks to the modularity of the AutoStore storage solutions and by leveraging La Poste's historical logistics capabilities in the heart of cities, we are now in a position to offer high-performance, scalable, environmentally friendly and differentiating urban solutions. "

According to Isabel Rocher, Regional Director for Southern Europe with AutoStore, "These densified and automated storage solutions support the transformation of the retail sector by freeing up space in stores and increasing the sales staff's ability to advise customers. In the end, the shopping experience is totally redefined thanks to innovative logistics solutions."

"With adameo and AutoStore, we thought about the most efficient way to use inner-city spaces already present in La Poste's real estate assets," explains Alexandre Berger, Director of the Logistics and Proximity Transport Solutions Business Unit at La Poste Group. "We had to take into account the constraints of these spaces and demonstrate the logic of proximity inventory can be profitable."

Key figures for Urban Logistics:

  • E-commerce represented only 9.8% of retail in 2019, it now represents 13.4% and online sales are up 8.5% over one year (source: FEVAD February 2021).
  • The "click and collect" mode of withdrawal is exploding with more than 41% of users compared to 28% in 2019. Consignment delivery also increased from 3% to 8.6% (source: FEVAD February 2021).
  • The year 2020 breaks the record for the number of parcels shipped, with an estimated increase of 21% compared to 2019 and 118% just the week of Cyber Monday 2020 compared to the same week the year before (source: Sendcloud).
  • Urban freight already accounted for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in French cities in 2019 (source: ADEME 2019).
  • 76% of logistics professionals who want to start a major transformation following Covid-19 will invest in technology (source: Shipping and Freight Resource, 2020).

About adameo: adameo is a consulting firm specializing in Supply Chain, which places the Human being at the heart of its action. We intervene on all the issues of your Supply Chain, upstream and downstream, from the strategic vision to the operational implementation according to Operations, IS, Technologies and HR. The cross-functional mobilization of this expertise allows us to support you in the digital transformation of your supply chain and the respect of your customer promise. Our "lab by adameo" facilitates access to new technologies and work methods for our customers by relying on an ecosystem of start-ups and innovative partners.

Press Contact: Myriam GASNIER,,

About AutoStore: Specializing in robotic technology, AutoStore invented the concept of Automated Cubic Storage - the world's densest storage solution - and continues to pioneer the field. The company's goal is to marry software and hardware with human capabilities to create the future of storage. Worldwide, AutoStore has more than 600 systems installed in over 30 countries across a wide range of industries. All systems are designed, installed and managed by a partner network of qualified system integrators.

Press Contact: Magali LEFEVRE, AMSO Agency,,

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