AutoStore™ announces the opening of a subsidiary in Spain

MADRID, Spain - February 11, 2021 - AutoStore, the Cube Storage Pioneers, announced a strong increase in its results in 2020 and is already forecasting significant growth in its turnover for 2021, particularly with the expansion of its sales in Southern Europe, despite the current health crisis.

AutoStore™ announces the opening of a subsidiary in Spain

With more than 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing of automated systems, the Norwegian giant AutoStore, known for its revolutionary “robotic cubic storage” concept, expects to maintain its position as a market leader in robotic technology.

Indeed, the company has already surpassed 550 installations in more than 30 countries, of which more than one hundred were added in 2020. As for 2021, AutoStore plans to double its targets, particularly with the opening of two new branches in Southern Europe.

When AutoStore opened its subsidiary in France in 2019, the company set itself the goal of doubling its sales within a year. Isabel Rocher, then General Manager of the subsidiary, comfortably met the challenge. She is now looking ahead to much bigger projects, taking over the management of Southern Europe. What’s next on the agenda? The imminent opening of a subsidiary in Spain and then in Italy. A lot of recruitment is already underway and will be completed before the summer.

“We are very proud of this success, which is based on a high-tech robotic system, but also on close collaboration with integrators who are experts in their field. The reinforcement of our teams in France and the expansion of our presence in Europe will enable us to respond to the exponential demands of the market in a context of a global healthcare crisis, where the growing relevance of robotic and automated systems is accelerating,” shared Rocher.

Indeed, although AutoStore was one of the pioneers in robotic technology, automation has been gaining ground for several years now, even more so in times of crisis.

“Customers are looking for more efficient and, above all, much more flexible systems to respond to constantly changing customer demand. Between the mix of in-store shopping, online ordering and pickup at pickup points, adaptability has become the main concern of logistics professionals and retailers. With the AutoStore solution, companies benefit from an evolving and totally flexible system, capable of adapting to a constantly changing logistics network,” explains Rocher.

In Spain, AutoStore is finalizing the creation of its subsidiary in Madrid, headed by Carlos Martin Pineda. Appointed General Manager and Business Development Director, he will be responsible for developing sales on the Iberian Peninsula. A graduate of the IESE Business School, his rich professional background with renowned companies such as Chep, DHL and Knapp and his extensive experience in the logistics automation sector are important assets for an automation leader like AutoStore, whose goal is to help companies optimize their performance to meet the new challenges of retail and logistics.

For the manufacturer, it is also an excellent way to support its network of partner-integrators specialized in the conception and design of the AutoStore solution in Spain and Portugal, but also to develop in new market segments.

Worldwide, the brand’s success is total. AutoStore has once again received an award for its robotic system. The company received two awards, an excellent way to end the year 2020. In particular, the first award honored its innovative micro-fulfillment concept, dedicated to the preparation of in-store orders, as the system was voted product of the year by the readers of Material Handling Product News “Product of the Year Readers’ Choice Award for AutoStore MFCs in Grocery”.

AutoStore also received the Green Supply Chain Award for the third year in a row as the system consumes very little energy. This award is given by Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE).

“These awards highlight the performance of our robotic systems and mark the commitment of AutoStore to design increasingly efficient and greener solutions, taking a step forward in relation to the technological evolution of the market,” concludes Rocher.

All AutoStore systems are designed, installed and managed by a network of qualified partner-integrators. In Spain, the AutoStore partner network includes Dematic, Swisslog and Element Logic.

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