AutoStore Attending German Logistics Congress 2023

AutoStore Attending German Logistics Congress 2023

Yesterday, AutoStore was present at the German Logistics Congress/International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin where we participated in discussions and shared knowledge.

Anette Matre, AutoStore CPIO, delivered a thought-provoking presentation on HR, highlighting the importance of attracting and retaining talent. She stressed the significance of leadership beyond administrative tasks and shared valuable insights.

The topic of discussion was "Human Resources: More than Manpower," which explored employee retention, diversity, leadership, and the future of work. The talk was insightful, emphasizing both product quality and organizational culture.

Anette proudly represented AutoStore on an international stage in Berlin, alongside esteemed figures in the logistics field. Her perspectives on HR and talent management were well-received, showcasing AutoStore as a notable and innovative player in the intralogistics industry.

Peter Bimmermann also made a significant contribution to the congress with a presentation on a separate stage during the event. He captured the audience's attention by discussing AutoStore's achievements to date and demonstrating our versatility and reach as he presented insights into our diverse customer base.

It was fantastic to have such strong representation at the event and we’d like to express our gratitude to all the AutoStore attendees and the wider team who contributed. Being present and sharing our insights helps to maintain and improve our position as an industry thought leader. Nothing sums this up more than comments on the ground likening AutoStore to ‘the apple of intralogistics’.

We look forward to many more speaking opportunities to come!

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