Norwegian Prime Minister officially opens AutoStore™ Innovation Hub

The new AutoStore test center in Karmøy, Norway, that can replicate hot and cold weather conditions as well as simulate earthquakes, was officially opened by the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Wednesday.

Norwegian Prime Minister officially opens AutoStore™ Innovation Hub

NEDRE VATS, Norway, August 11, 2021: AutoStore, the leading robotic technology company, experiences continued growth in clients and has created a pioneering test facility allowing for faster fitting of its automated systems for its clients to keep up with order demand. Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, was deeply impressed by the success of AutoStore when she officially opened the new test center and viewed a demonstration.

“AutoStore is a guiding star towards growth for the Norwegian private sector,” she said when she officially opened the Innovation Hub.

Earlier this year, the Prime Minister used AutoStore as an example when she talked about the need for jobs in privately-owned companies in Norway in her speech to the Conservative Party's National Convention.

Humorously, she noted, “I was first introduced to AutoStore back in 2018 when visiting one of their facilities in Japan and remember thinking: If we can sell robots from Vindafjord to Japan, then everything is possible in Norway.”

Karl Johan Lier, CEO of AutoStore, is proud to welcome the prime minister to Karmøy.

“The government stresses the importance of creating more profitable jobs in the private sector and AutoStore aims to deliver on this by continuously developing the offering to our customers globally. At the AutoStore Innovation Hub, we combine the excellent know-how from our competent team with the newest technology, making it possible to constantly test and develop new solutions.”

The Innovation Hub is fitted with a combination of robotic technology and infrastructure for supply chain and retail facilities which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Hub will be able to test the solutions developed for global retailers and their store and warehouse facilities.

The facility’s environment also adjusts to allow robot testing in both hot and cold conditions, analyzing how the oxygen level changes when goods are stacked within storage systems. The Hub also simulates earthquakes to see how warehouse and store technology would respond to potentially harmful situations, as well as several other functions.

“We identified the need to test solutions under a number of different situations, but we could not set up a test center for cold environments, one for heat, and at the same time one for a modern store solution, one for medical storage, and so on. Therefore, we set up a center where we could simulate different situations and needs. This agile approach offers our clients a competitive market advantage, and places them at the heart of new innovations within the sector that can propel them forwards,” comments Lier.

About AutoStore |

AutoStore, founded in 1996, is a robot technology company that invented and continues to pioneer, Cube Storage Automation – the densest product/inventory storage solution in existence. The company’s focus is to marry software and hardware with human abilities to create the future of warehousing. AutoStore is global, with over 600 systems installed in more than 30 countries over a wide range of industries. All sales are designed, installed, and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators – which AutoStore calls "Partners". The company headquarters is in Nedre Vats (Norway), with offices also in Oslo (Norway), in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, and Korea.

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