Q1 Results 2023

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Comments from our CEO

“AutoStore grew revenue by 21% YoY to USD 149 million and achieved a gross margin of 67%, up 630 bps versus the previous quarter. This represents the second consecutive quarter of substantial margin improvement. These metrics demonstrate the continued strength of the business, including the ability to drive margins through strategic pricing actions. Order intake of USD 164 million brought the backlog to USD 489 million at quarter end, illustrating the strong demand for AutoStore and the value we generate for our customers – even in a challenging market. We reiterate our 2023 revenue guidance of USD 700-750 million, indicating a growth rate of 20-30% for the year”, said Mats Hovland Vikse, CEO.

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AutoStore Holdings Ltd (AutoStore: OSE:AUTO) invites investors, analysts and journalists to join the presentation of the first quarter 2023 financial results on Thursday 27 April 2023 at 08:00 CET via a live webcast and earnings call.

Reporting day program (CET)

06:00 - Announcement of first quarter 2023 financial results. All material will be made available on newsweb.no and autostoresystem.com.

08:00 - Presentation will be held only via live webcast and earnings call. The presentation will be hosted by Mats Hovland Vikse, CEO and Bent Skisaker, CFO. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Earnings call and Q&A. Audio only. Participants are encouraged to dial -in 5 to 10 minutes in advance for registration.

Participants dial-in numbers:

PIN code for all countries: 366151

NO: +47-21-956342
SE: +46-4-0682-0620
DK: +45 78768490
UK: +44-203-7696819
US: +1 646-787-0157

For further information, please contact:

Hiva Flåskjer, VP Investor Relations, AutoStore AS Telephone : +47 958 66 790 I hiva.flaskjer@autostoresystem.com

About AutoStore

AutoStore, founded in 1996, is a technology company that develops order-fulfillment solutions to help businesses achieve efficiency gains within the storage and retrieval of goods. The company offers both hardware and software capabilities and the AutoStore technology is interoperable with other third-party solutions. AutoStore is global, with +1,150 Systems in 49 countries. All sales are distributed, designed, installed, and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators referred to as "partners". AutoStore was founded in Nedre Vats, in the west coast of Norway. The company has offices in Norway, the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, as well as a facility in Poland.


Investor Relations Contact

Hiva Flåskjer

SVP Investor Relations
+47 958 66 790hiva.flaskjer@autostoresystem.com