Meet: the three-armed workstation.

Efficient Product Flow

The CarouselPort is designed to operate in harmony with Robots to ensure the next Bin is always ready. The workstation operates with three rotating arms, each holding one bin tray. Two arms are positioned in back of the port where Robots place or retrieve Bins. The third arm is in the front position for picker access to the goods inside the Bin.

The carousel movement ensures that busy warehouse operations keep buzzing along.


Ergonomically Efficient

With each successive generation, we've improved the CarouselPort's usability, ensuring it remains our most popular and widely used workstation technology. Recent end-user data about people’s minute-to-minute work behaviors led to the latest design iteration, CarouselPort 4.0, featuring even easier-to-assemble and lower-maintenance, ergonomic furniture.

This fourth-generation Port also has a redesigned safety cover that slides freely in all directions, and a new safety box with additional emergency stop options. All of these enhancements help maximize CarouselPort's efficiency, usability, and safety while lowering operating costs.


Rotating Arms

To maintain product flow

Max Exchange Speed

Ensuring optimal productivity

Technical Specification


W: 1560 mm (5.1 feet) / L: 1420 mm (4.7 feet) /
H: 750 mm (2.5 feet)

Bin Height Support

220 mm, 330 mm, and 425 mm Bins

Min. Bin Exchange Time

2.5 seconds

Maximum Bin Throughput

Mezzanine Level: 500 Bins per hour
Floor Level: 400 Bins per hour

Operational Temperature

+2° C (35.6° F) to +40° C (104° F)

Power Consumption

30 W Average (normal operations)
140 W Maximum
Specification Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use one port for both picking and filling goods into the bins?

Yes. All ports can toggle between picking and replenishment.

What happens if someone puts a hand in the port while bins are exchanging, and the safety hatch is open?

There is a sensor in the hatch that, if pushed, will stop the entire wagon and port.

Is it possible to increase the picking capacity per operator even more?

Yes, there are a couple of ways this could be achieved. One, AutoStore always counts the real bin deliveries, but quite often a customer can reach extra pick capacity by using the "batch" effect (e.g. the operator consolidates at one port several orders at the same time). These orders are selected by the WMS to reach the best fit of SKU request (e.g. the operator can pick for several orders from one delivered Bin/SKU).

Two, several AutoStore ports can be grouped close together to create a workstation served by one and the same operator. Compared to a single port work station the operator can achieve a much higher efficiency.

Three, a combination of 1 and 2.

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