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The ConveyorPort uses a conveyor belt to move Bins to the operator. For many users, all they need is the ConveyorPort to access all Bins inside the Grid. While one Bin is presented to the operator, the second Bin is held in place above the Port by a warehouse robot.



ConveyorPort is a workstation in its simplest form. Bins are dropped on a conveyor and transferred to an opening outside of the Grid. Smart covering and sensors keep the operation safe.

Available in narrow or wide, the ConveyorPort works for a location on any side of the Grid


Max Throughput

at Mezzanine level

Min Exchange Time

for Bins

Technical Specification


Narrow L: 634 mm (2.1 ft) / W: 492 mm (1.6 ft) / H: 597 mm (2.0 ft)
Wide L: 434 mm (1.4 ft) / W: 692 mm (2.3 ft) / H: 597 mm (2.0 ft)

Bin Height Support

220 mmm, 330 mm, and 425 mm Bins

Min. Bin Exchange Time

5 seconds

Maximum Bin Throughput

Mezzanine Level: 240 Bins per hour
Floor Level: 180 Bins per hour


24 VDC

Power consumption

20 Watts (average)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use the one Port for both picking and filling goods into the Bins?

Yes. All Ports can toggle between picking and replenishment.

Is it possible to remove a Bin from the grid at the filling/picking Ports?

It is possible to take Bins out of the system at "transfer" ports, but the Bins need to be handled in a controlled, closed environment (e.g. a conveyor loop) to reduce risk of bin damage.

Can a Robot collect a Bin from the port after it drops off a Bin?

Yes, a Robot doesn't leave the port "empty handed". When dropping off a Bin, it will wait at the Port to collect a Bin to deliver back to a spot in the top layer of the Grid as directed by the Controller.

Is it possible to add B1s no matter what modules I’ve purchased before (Bins, Robots, Ports, Grid)?

Yes. Black Line is backwards compatible with all Red Line modules. However, there may be less benefit in adding Black Line modules to a grid that cannot support higher speed.

What is the difference between the Narrow and Wide ConveyorPort?

The ConveyorPort is available in two sizes, narrow and wide, to accommodate for a position on any side of the AutoStore Grid.

The wide ConveyorPort is designed for position on north/south sides of the Grid while the narrow is designed for east/west positioning. This provides additional flexibility in Grid design based on throughput needs.

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