FusionPort Staging™

Pick and stage orders using one workstation

Reduce your real estate costs

With FusionPort Staging, operators can now efficiently pick and stage orders using one workstation and store them right inside the AutoStore™ Grid. It eliminates the need to use floor space, reducing your real estate costs.

More with less

Save space & money

Staging orders within the AutoStore system provides you with up to four times more storage capacity as compared to traditional on-the-floor staging. The pre-integrated pick-to-light (PTL) interface eliminates the time and money needed to implement a third-party picking guidance system.


Storage Capacity

Quadruple your available space

Comes Pre-installed

No need for external guidance system

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Smarter & Faster

Streamline fulfillment & improve picking speed

FusionPort Staging is equipped with two source Bin openings located side-by-side in the Port’s center and two target Bin openings on the Port’s outside edges. Operators pick items from the source Bin openings and move them to target locations. From there, the automated system moves the pre-picked or fulfilled orders back into the Grid until they are ready for delivery or pickup. This unique, streamlined design allows you to fulfill orders even more efficiently than is conventionally possible with other AutoStore workstations.



Max throughput for source Bin openings


Max throughput for target Bin openings
Happy Workers

Enhance employee well-being

FusionPort Staging is built on the same employee-centric principles of the FusionPort workstation. Tilted source Bin openings and an ergonomic user interface minimize the strain and fatigue of long work shifts. Safety hatches remain closed until Bins are ready for picking and staging, guaranteeing a safe and secure transfer of products from Robots to humans.


Source Bin Openings

Angled at 15 degrees to minimize reaching

Safety Hatches

Stay closed until Bins are ready

Technical Specification

Bin Height Support

220 mm, 330 mm, and 425 mm

Max. Load Including Bin

35 kg (77 lbs)

Max. Bin Throughput

550 Bins/hr.

Operating Temperature

+2° C (35.6° F) to +35° C (95° F)

Power Consumption

Average: 80 W (normal operation)
Max.: 190 W (higher than 20 seconds)  
Specification Sheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between FusionPort and FusionPort Staging?

FusionPort Staging is built on the FusionPort workstation, but with two additional target Bin openings on each side to allow integrated order staging.

What are the benefits of staging consolidated orders inside the system?

Staging consolidated orders directly inside the AutoStore system eliminates the need for costly on-the-floor staging areas. You can also leverage the same AutoStore Grid used for item storage, resulting in higher accuracy, dust-free storage, and the same value proposition that you would expect from an AutoStore system.

How do you retrieve the Bins with the staged orders?

AutoStore recommends using high-performance Ports such as FusionPort and RelayPort or transfer cells for retrieving Bins with the staged orders for packing and truck loading.

Can we use FusionPort Staging to insert and remove Bins?

No, it is not possible to insert and remove Bins using FusionPort Staging due to the tilt of the Bin openings and safety hatch.

We recommend using ConveyorPort for Bin insertion and transfer cells for removal.  

Can an existing AutoStore customer install FusionPort Staging?

Yes. However, it is important to note the FusionPort Staging is compatible only with the AutoStore system equipped with Router software and Double/Double Grid.

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