Connecting places outside a Robot's reach to the AutoStore™ Grid

Vertically Connected

In some AutoStore™ configurations, Grids are installed on one floor with picking on another to optimize the use of existing space. The SwingPort workstation provides the reach needed to support this design.

The SwingPort extends Bin reachability to points inaccessible to the Robots, moving Bins from one floor to another. Using two rotating arms to move Bins, one Bin is presented to the operator while the second Bin is in a waiting position on the opposite side.


A Million Tests

A swing movement with two Bin buckets is technically balanced and with reduced complexity for smooth operations. The movement and technical solution have been refined and tested several million times, both at AutoStore labs and at live installations.


Live Tests

To ensure smooth movements

Bin Accessibility

Outside the AutoStore Grid

Human Friendly

With an exchange time of 3 seconds, SwingPort users remain busy throughout the workday. User safety and comfort have all been taken into consideration to create an ergonomic and ideal work environment. The Bin opening is shielded with a hatch to provide high safety and noise reduction.


Exchange Time

Creating rapid flow & Bin reachability

Maximum Throughput

With 8-m Bin Lift™ 2.0 attached

Durable & Accurate

The SwingPort's furniture is setting the standard for a new era in AutoStore Port design. The top plate is made of Kerrock, a non-porous, chemical-resistant, and flame-retardant material with the look and feel of stone.


Kerrock Work Surface
Tough & easy to maintain

Technical Specification


L: 1411 mm (4.6 ft) / W: 1606 mm (5.3 ft) /
H: 1100 mm (3.6 ft)

Operating Temperature

+2° C (35.6° F) to +40° C (104° F)

Operating Humidity

40-90% non-condensing


158.5 kg

Max Bin Throughput

170 Bins per hour with 8-meter Bin Lift 2.0, operator handling time of 15 seconds

Power Consumption

90 W
Specification Sheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a wide-side handling/narrow-side handling version of the SwingPort?

We offer a wide-side handling SwingPort only.

How tall is the SwingPort?

The height of the SwingPort is adjustable according to the customers’ demand.

The Bin Lift module is available up to 16.5 meters (54 feet) in height.

SwingPort: Placement

SwingPorts need at least two cells between each other, both in the x and y direction. When they are placed two cells apart in the x direction, they must be facing opposite directions to leave space for the picker.

Swing Port: Software concept

As with each AutoStore Port, each SwingPort has its own port firmware.

Is it possible to change the picking list?

Yes, changes of a transferred task or task groups to AutoStore are possible, but each may have a later negative influence on the speed and efficiency of the system, as the system may already have used robot resources to prepare the Bin.

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