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anyseals Chooses AutoStore To Optimize Their Warehouse in Brecksville, Ohio

Kardex Holding AG

Accelerated growth left sealing supplier anyseals wondering whether their existing logistics infrastructure could cope with the expansion. That’s why they turned to AutoStore for the automated warehouse solution they needed to thrive.

AutoStore Supports Global Logistics

Part of the Angst+Pfister Group network and a leading global wholesale sealing supplier with operations in the United States and Belgium, anyseals has been an established presence in the market since their founding in 2005. Until recently, their manual picking process was sufficient to provide any of over 65,000 products — such as o-rings, pneumatic and hydraulic seals, and custom-molded rubber goods — to customers worldwide, along with just-in-time delivery, custom labeling, bar coding, and kitting programs.

However, after years of continuous growth and more planned for the future, the existing manual picking process at their Brecksville, Ohio facility was unable to keep up with the increasing demand.

The challenge

The traditional manual picking system in use at Brecksville, reliant on static shelving, carts, and reach equipment, was a suitable model for the company at a smaller scale. However, with an extensive product range and a large number of stock-keeping units to manage, this system was becoming unsustainable, particularly in the face of the company’s continuous growth.

They needed an automated warehouse solution that would simultaneously:

  • Maximize available space in the Brecksville facility without increasing square footage
  • Support ongoing operations and order fulfillment without interruption
  • Accommodate a planned expansion to increase and support the company’s future growth

What anyseals needed was a modular, cost-efficient automated warehouse management solution. With a product designed specifically to meet these needs, AutoStore was the clear choice.

Benefits of the AutoStore system

The AutoStore solution, empowered by our partners at Kardex, was designed to be compatible with anyseals’ existing facility requirements and customizable to suit the company’s development goals.

Not only does the AutoStore system improve space efficiency on-site, but with a global uptime of 99.7%, it can support 24/7 operation in equipped facilities, which is increasingly important for multinational companies like anyseals. Furthermore, with mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 3,000 hours, AutoStore equipment offers complete interoperability with existing logistics infrastructure and can be relied upon at all times, including during expansion operations or periods of increased demand.


A tailor-made solution

In the initial stage, the anyseals automated warehouse system will consist of 20,000 storage Bins, with 10 AutoStore R5 Robots to sort and deliver Bins to any of four Carousel Ports for picking and replenishment. Each Port is connected to a light goods conveyor system to deliver units to two stations for final packaging prior to shipping.

The AutoStore Grid is made up of interchangeable, standardized parts that can be easily customized to fit warehouses with any dimensions, ensuring optimal space usage and satisfying anyseals’ requirement that the new system should fit within their existing Brecksville facility without increasing costs.

The characteristic Bin-stacking system can increase storage capacity by up to four times and performance by up to 10 times more than traditional warehousing systems. In addition, expandability is only limited by the physical layout of the facility in which the Grid is installed, while the number of Robots and Bin locations can be increased at any time, ensuring that anyseals can support any future growth, planned or otherwise.

System overview

  • 20,000 storage Bins
  • 10 AutoStore R5 Robots
  • 4 Carousel Ports for picking and replenishment
  • 1 light goods conveyor system
  • 2 pack-out stations

The AutoStore solution will enable us to continue our strong growth trajectory and will enhance our ability to meet and exceed the high level of fulfilment execution for our customers.

Toby Rose
COO, anyseals USA

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