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The World's First Large AutoStore System With R5+ Robots

Kardex Holding AG

Staying at the forefront of the market in the highly competitive e-commerce space requires warehouse automation technology that’s a cut above the rest. Arbeitsschutz-Express knew they could rely on AutoStore to deliver just that.

Founded in 1983 as a family venture, Arbeitsschutz-Express has grown into a prominent medium-sized e-commerce enterprise in the German market. To sustain its rapid growth and ensure speedy, reliable customer service, the company recognized the necessity of automating its order fulfillment process. In April 2022, Arbeitsschutz-Express implemented a sophisticated and efficient solution from warehouse automation company AutoStore, future-proofing its operations.

The challenge

Space optimization, quick retrieval, unrivaled reliability

Our key objectives for the new automated warehouse storage system included optimal space utilization, rapid retrieval of requested items, and utmost reliability. A significant portion of the Arbeitsschutz-Express inventory comprises work shoes, with shoeboxes consistently labeled on the shorter side. For this reason, it's critical that these boxes are stored upright in an AutoStore Bin, which allows items to be scanned before being picked. This strategic organization guarantees efficient order fulfillment while maximizing storage capacity.

The benefits of the AutoStore system

A tailor-made, flexible solution

The comprehensive and precisely tailored AutoStore automated warehouse solution was so compelling that Arbeitsschutz-Express confirmed their order just three months after the initial engagement.

The system employs 54,000 of the tallest Bins along with 26 of the cutting-edge AutoStore R5+ Robots (introduced to the market in January 2022). The Red Line Robot, a successor to the proven R5 model, is capable of handling bins up to 425 millimeters high — a feature formerly exclusive to the Black Line B1 Robot.

These state-of-the-art machines now manage the steadily increasing customer orders at Arbeitsschutz-Express, solidifying the company's position in the competitive e-commerce landscape. In response to future growth and increasing performance demands, Arbeitsschutz-Express now has the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate additional Robots into its operations.


How the system works

Picking and replenishing at the flick of a switch

Arbeitsschutz-Express’s AutoStore solution uses six Carousel Ports for both picking and replenishment, and has the capability of toggling between these two functions at the touch of a button. The company can strategically allocate these Ports for specific applications and times, aligning AutoStore seamlessly with its existing workflows.

At the front of the automated warehouse system, three Port frames stand ready for future expansion with Conveyor Ports designed for replenishment. The Kardex Control Center, a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS), oversees the diverse warehouse systems and streamlines interconnecting processes.

System overview

AutoStore: 6 Carousel Ports; 26 R5+ Robots; 54,000 Bins

With our AutoStore solution we will be able to meet the increased demands in logistics, make optimal use of our available space and expand the internal logistics capabilities at our Leipheim site in a future-proof manner.

Philipp Wiedemann
Managing Director, Arbeitsschutz-Express

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