October 23, 2023

The R5 Pro™ and R5+ Pro™ Robots — Made for a Larger Landscape

Large e-commerce retailers operating with extended hours face challenges including disrupted efficiency, higher labor and real-estate costs, and increased maintenance expenses. The R5 Pro and R5+ Pro Robots are here to solve those problems. Explore their many benefits to the modern retailer struggling to compete in today's online markets.


In recent years, higher e-commerce volumes and increases in automation usage have allowed retailers to concentrate large volumes of inventory in centralized locations. For these businesses, AutoStore’s cube storage density and high throughput have been a winning combination, transforming them into always-on brands that shoppers depend on for everything they want, just when they need it. However, they still need tools to reliably operate multiple daily shifts and meet expectations.  

The R5 Pro is the tool they need, delivering the productivity these businesses need to maintain their competitive edge.

This new addition to AutoStore’s Red Line is built on the same reliable technology that has served industries for over 20 years, but is made specifically for the very large retailers struggling to meet the always-on demands of today’s shoppers — 85% of whom switch brands if delivery is slow.

Let's take a closer look at all its benefits in the sections below.

Highly productive & economical

The most significant upgrade in the R5 Pro is the introduction of its fast charging capabilities. Because each Robot charges faster, overall system productivity increases. With improved throughput per Robot, you can reduce your Robot count by up to 15%, optimizing the routing of Robots, enhancing your system productivity, and lowering your overall cost of ownership.

Because each R5 Pro Robot charges faster, overall system productivity increases.

Space & infrastructure savings

One of the most significant benefits of the R5 Pro is its ability to reduce the number of chargers required by up to 86%. With the R5 Pro, you only need 1 charger for 10 Robots. The reduced number of chargers improves storage density by freeing up space around the Grid where you can add Bin capacity for more SKUs.​ Fewer chargers also translates into a smaller and less costly electrical infrastructure.

R5 Pro reduces the number of chargers required by up to 86%.

Charger communication

The R5 Pro's charger communication system is a leap forward in safety and efficiency. Sensors monitor temperature, battery charge, current consumption, and more. The Robot communicates directly with the charger via an infrared light, enabling firmware upgrades and dynamic charging profiles. The charger only powers up when communication is established, enhancing overall safety.

The R5 Pro's charger communication system is a leap forward in safety and efficiency.

Enhanced Robot design

AutoStore has kept the robustness and reliability of the R5 intact while introducing several design enhancements. These include a repositioned button interface on the Robot's top, which simplifies operation when the Robot is near a charger or a wall.

The new Red Line Robots comes in two sizes. The R5+ Pro (left) is capable of carrying the 425-mm Bin, AutoStore's largest capacity.

Real results

European fashion retailer Boozt is already seeing benefits. The company implemented the R5 Pro Robot into its massive AutoStore system in Sweden which operates with 1 million Bins and 300 Ports. To date, the new Robot is living up to its promise by moving 50% farther per day than Boozt's R5 Robots.

Tobias Sjölin, Boozt’s CTO, offered this perspective:


One piece of the puzzle

It’s important to keep in mind that Robots are one piece of a puzzle in solving high throughput challenges. AutoStore Grid layout, system maintenance, and supporting tools play a big part in your success — that’s why we’ve recently released innovations like the Bin ResQ Robot and Flexible Grid Cell. All of these products, together with the R5 Pro, can improve system uptime, reduce the number of Robots and chargers required to make more space for storage, and lower the total cost of ownership for very large systems.

What does this mean for you?

Reduced charging times, extended battery life, and fewer chargers required all lead to a more efficient, cost-effective, and space-saving automation solution. For large e-commerce operations running 12 to 16 hours or more, it can offer the superior performance, space efficiency, and lower operating costs needed to maintain a competitive edge.

Whether you're planning to upgrade your existing system or embark on a new automation journey, the R5 Pro and R5 Pro+ Robots from AutoStore should be at the top of your list if you run a large, high-throughput operation.

"In the end, it’s all about the total cost of ownership. All these incremental savings add up over time and allow us to remain competitive.”

Tobias Sjölin
Chief Technology Officer, Boozt Fulfilment & Logistics

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