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Kardex Holding AG

To keep up with increasing demand for rapid delivery, e-commerce stores need an adaptable and customizable order fulfillment solution to ensure enhanced efficiency and flexibility in their operations. chose a state-of-the-art AutoStore automated warehouse system designed to do just that., an online store, is headquartered in Södertälje, Sweden. Founded in 2011, it initially fulfilled orders from Norway, but established its presence in Sweden in 2012. In the summer of 2016, the company underwent a change in ownership and is now owned and managed by Lowwi AB.

SkalHuset's primary objective is to provide customers with mobile and computer accessories — such as covers, cases, and screen protectors — without a price tag equivalent to that of the device itself. Since being founded, the company has delivered more than 1,000,000 orders to customers throughout Sweden.


The challenge

Consolidate, streamline, reduce costs

With a continuous rise in order volume, the task of meeting tight delivery deadlines had become increasingly demanding, placing strain on the existing order picking, consolidation, and packing procedures. To effectively handle this growth, SkalHuset needed a warehouse management solution that could process orders swiftly and efficiently while maintaining ergonomic standards. Additionally, they wanted to eliminate the need for decentralized storage in Södertälje and enhance their ability to plan and accurately report on inventory levels: both of which formed part of their strategy to reduce overhead costs. 


The benefits of the AutoStore system

Faster fulfillment and uninterrupted picking and inventory replenishment

Using an AutoStore automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), Kardex implemented a modular, flexible cube storage solution to optimize space. After implementation, SkalHuset saw improvement in inventory planning and reporting through digitized order fulfillment. They were also able to further enhance processing efficiency through the ability to switch seamlessly between picking and storing functions.

The AutoStore warehouse automation technology enabled SkalHuset to:

  • Increase order processing speed
  • Optimize storage density and consolidate all inventory under one roof
  • Replenish inventory without interrupting the picking process
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Scale without impacting day-to-day operations

How the system works

A warehouse management solution that packs a powerful punch

The AutoStore automated warehouse solution spans across a floor area of ​​147 m² (482 ft²) and comprises 3,500 storage Bins. The order processing workflow uses 10 intelligent Robots that continuously retrieve, transport, and present the Bins to one of the 3 ergonomic workstations where the items are consolidated to fulfill customer orders. To accommodate future growth, an additional Port Frame was installed, giving SkalHuset the ability to easily expand the system when required by incorporating another workstation.

System overview

AutoStore: 10 Robots, 3 Workstations, 3,500 Bins

This innovative robotic cube solution is perfect for SkalHuset's product range and meets their requirements for fast order handling and optimal storage density. They will significantly increase their capacity and improve their efficiency by eliminating time spent walking and searching for parts throughout the warehouse.

Nicklas Lövqvist
Area Sales Manager, Kardex

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