AutoStore™ Introduces Enhanced Workstations to Global Market

FusionPort™ and FusionPort Staging™ can handle up to 550 Bins per hour and feature improved ergonomics for greater productivity

AutoStore™ Introduces Enhanced Workstations to Global Market

NEDRE VATS, Norway, March 16, 2023 – AutoStore™, the leading robotic technology company, announces the arrival of two new workstations that prioritize operational efficiency, operator productivity, and ergonomics: FusionPort™ and FusionPort Staging™. The workstations offer advanced integration capabilities to accommodate various automation technology solutions and are available worldwide from April 12.

Designed with the well-being of warehouse operators in mind, FusionPort maximizes employee performance by presenting two tilted order-picking Bin openings and visual picking aids. These features reduce the repetitive movements operators face as they manually transfer inventory from one location to another, while streamlining order picking by providing visual cues with a pick-to-light system for easy item identification. The station additionally includes an enhanced safety hatch that makes the Bins accessible only when the Port is ready for picking.

"Businesses today need to optimize their picking process if they are to meet evolving customer demands, but in order to achieve this, warehouses must be equipped with the tools that will enable their employees to work productively and safely," said Carlos Fernandez, Chief Product Officer at AutoStore.

"This is why we're excited to offer FusionPort and FusionPort Staging, which will enable businesses to best serve their staff while leveraging the world-class technology that AutoStore is known for."

AutoStore developed FusionPort Staging based on an in-depth understanding of the space constraints that warehouses face by storing inventory in staging areas. The workstation consolidates order picking and staging to a single Port, allowing businesses to streamline operations and reduce real estate and costs by decreasing the space required for staging. Similar to the FusionPort, the workstation also features visual picking aids and a safety hatch. FusionPort Staging comes pre-assembled for easy installation and allows organizations to store consolidated orders dust-free.

Both workstations feature a compact exterior design for greater flexibility when integrating with additional automation technology, with FusionPort Staging offering up to four times more storage capacity for existing warehouse footprints.

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About AutoStore |

AutoStore™, founded in 1996, is a technology company that develops order-fulfillment solutions to help businesses achieve efficiency gains within the storage and retrieval of goods. The company offers both hardware and software capabilities and the AutoStore technology is interoperable with other third-party solutions.

AutoStore is global, with 1,150+ Systems in 49 countries. All sales are distributed, designed, installed, and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators referred to as "partners".

AutoStore was founded in Nedre Vats, on the west coast of Norway. The company has offices in Norway, the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, as well as production facilities in Koszalin, Poland.

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